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Is there anything Meryl Streep can’t do?

Aug 19th, 2008 | By | Category: Opinion


ONE of my young class mates said: “I couldn’t think of anything worse than watching Meryl Streep sing and dance to ABBA.”

I loved it. Enough to see it twice.

Watching a bunch of old ladies having fun, singing and dancing to some of my favourite music was nearly as good as doing it myself. (Now that would be a scary sight for my classmates).

I was pleasantly surprised by how well Miss Meryl can hold a tune, and project her voice.

Although, they have mixed up their genres. ABBA and hippie times were not concurrent, and two completely different styles. Hippie music began with the likes of San Francisco Flowers in Their Hair and California Dreaming, and the 70s with its excess of drug-taking resulted in the psychedelic look and sound, with less structured music. I’m thinking Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin.

ABBA was a product of the 80s, mad glam but slick and clean, the music tightly structured.

But let’s not get too technical. I thoroughly enjoyed the glorious Greek island surroundings, the singing and dancing, the slightly sending-itself-up style, particularly in the dancing. The scene where Christine Baranski sings Does Your Mother Know to a young would-be stud, really rocked.

Julie Walters played her usual character – loud, brassy, heart of gold – but she does it so well, delivering great energy and zest for life.

My initial motivation was to see how the music I know and love (yes, I confess – I love singing and dancing to ABBA) could be woven into a story. It’s a tricky task to take a bunch of unrelated songs and make them into a credible story with a concurrent thread. They’ve done a great job, even adding a Greek chorus.

Don’t be misled into thinking this is only a movie for old codgers to relive their hippie days. The story is based around a young couple about to get married, and is a colourful, cheerful, up to date romp through some gorgeous Greek scenery.

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  1. I saw Mamma Mia recently and I loved it to! Totally agree that its not just for old codgers reliving their hippie days! I knew all the words and sang along too! Being one of those “young class mates” who loved the movie – there was nothing better than seeing Meryl sing and dance. I would go see it again in heartbeat!

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