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Tuesday, 23 April 2019 09:51 pm

Anti-fascist rally turns nasty when front arrives

Oct 26th, 2008 | By | Category: Latest News, Picture story

PAUL McBETH and AARON CASKEY were there for NewsWire when right met left at Parliament grounds:

THE LIGHT-HEARTED music and good-natured banter of an anti-racism rally was replaced with angry rhetoric and personal insults when a right-wing group appeared for its National Flag Day march on Parliament.

During a relatively peaceful confrontation, National Front members largely ignored the anti-fascists’ bait, staunchly staring down their counterparts instead.

National Front spokesman Colin Ansell claimed they were protecting the New Zealand flag from the anarchists.

“We’re not here to create trouble,” he said. “We’re here to stick to the law.”

Anti-fascist demonstrators set up the face-off after learning of the right wing group’s plans, by earlier in the day holding a rally that was typified by dancing.

Both groups resorted to name-calling and trading insults when the confrontation eventually occurred.

A strong police presence ensured the head-on meeting was relatively peaceful, but two anti-fascist protesters were arrested for disorderly behaviour as the National Front retreated to the Wellington Railway Station.

Inspector Simon Perry praised the National Front for keeping the lines of communication open, something he noted the anti-fascist group did not do.

“They’ve been seeking our advice and following our advice for the last couple of days and they have been really good,” he says.

A protester, who refused to be named, says the party atmosphere of the anti-racist rally is a “positive alternative” to “fascism and racism [which] is really oppressive.”

Most on-lookers supported the anti-fascist group, although one passer-by noted “it’s kind of funny there’s a whole lot of white people” holding an anti-racist rally.

The anti-fascists had successfully drummed up media interest with several television crews and at least half a dozen reporters attending the rally and eventual face-off.

PHOTO: A National Front “security guard”.

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  2. complete lies the anarcists were waiting for us (NZNF) we were peacefully celebrating flagday they came looking for us

  3. How many anti-fascists DIDN’T have a mask?!

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