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Amazing Racer with amazing recyling idea

Oct 23rd, 2008 | By | Category: Latest News, News

The soy milk carton reborn as a J students wallet.

A WOMAN who makes wallets out of used soy milk cartons is selling them to raise money for her entry in the Oxfam Amazing Race in Vietnam and Thailand next year.

The novel wallets (pictured) are made out of recycled soy milk cartons and take about five minutes to put together.

Over a hundred have already been sold across the North Island, says Sarah Roberts 28, Auckland, who has been making them for a year.

“I need to put more effort into making them,” she says. “When I get them into a shop they sell really fast.”

Her enthusiasm for the wallets stems from her interest in art and an involvement in creative projects.

“I believe that an artist has a suitcase of experiences, beliefs and values and what we create is an expression of this. The wallets are a statement of that more than anything else.”

Tetra-paks have been in production since 1951 and are used to package a range of long-life liquid products like soy milk. The cartons used to be sent to Australia for recycling, but can now be recycled only in New Zealand.

They still are not able to be recycled in many countries where they are used, she says.

“Recycling is not the be-all and end-all. It consumes a lot of energy and has by products. In order to really reduce our foot print we need to reuse, consume less and be innovative.”

The Oxfam Amazing Race is organised by Oxfam New Zealand. Participants must raise $5500 each as part of their entry.

The event, which kicks off on February 17, draws inspiration from popular television series The Amazing Race.

Ms Roberts will start the race in Vietnam, travel through Cambodia and finally reach the finishing line in Bangkok.

Money raised goes towards the racers’ expenses, but the event is about raising awareness of Oxfam as well as raising funds.

It will not be Ms Roberts’ first overseas experience. She has travelled to third world countries, which has helped inspire her to reuse hers, as well as friends’, soy milk cartons. 

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is convinced that this image does her no justice. She is marginally better looking in real life. At least her Mum thinks so.
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