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EmEmPee? Don’t ask me

Nov 4th, 2008 | By | Category: Latest News, Multimedia, News

THE most confusing part of MMP is not how it works, but what the letters stand for, NewsWire’s latest vox pop shows.

Only one of the six people interviewed in the Wellington CBD yesterday could explain that MMP means Mixed Member Proportional representation, and a couple had trouble saying how many votes each voter has.

“I don’t even know what MMP is,” says Jason Young, student.

But Mr Young and most others interviewed have a good idea of how MMP works.

One or two people stumbled on the question of how many votes you get, but everyone knew what the two votes were for.

And the message of the importance of the party vote is getting through. Five of the six see the party vote as more important than the electorate vote.

Asked whether MMP should stay or go, most interviewees favour retaining MMP, because of its superior representational qualities as they see it.

Ben Hancock, student, is dissatisfied with MMP because he believes list MPs are not answerable to a constituency: “They’re not accountable to anyone,” he says.

Others, such as Cam Lithgow, are unaware of any voting alternatives, and can’t envisage a superior replacement for MMP.

The Wellington public are asked about MMP – Video

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