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Valley school revamps building with latest grant

May 7th, 2009 | By | Category: Latest News, News

ronwainwrightmainA boost to education by the National Government has left many schools smiling including Hutt Valley’s Tawhai School.

Tawhai was under threat of being merged with another Hutt Valley school in 2003 but has thrived since avoiding the merger and can now look forward to adding to its infrastructure.

The Government announced on February 11 a Jobs and Growth plan that would include funds to improve schools around the country.

The school learned on March 12 that it would be one of the first schools to receive the cash injection.

“I think we were pretty lucky to get it,” says Ron Wainwright (above right), principal of Tawhai for the past 22 years. “But in hindsight it would have been better to get it a little bit earlier.”

The $450,000 sum that Tawhai receives must be spent on an administration building.

“It is basically about creating a different space that is not termed to be a classroom,” Mr Wainwright says.

A resource room, a teacher’s workroom and a staff room were all on the shortlist which was mulled over by the board of trustees on April 29.

The decision was made to upgrade the administration block, which will include teaching resources.

Completion is to be expected within the year.

Asked about the school’s future, Mr Wainwright says: “I think it’s a pretty rosy one.”

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