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The bane of a child’s school life

Nov 1st, 2009 | By | Category: Featured Article, Front Page Layout, Opinion

BullyingMAININ STARTING the way I mean to go on, I’m writing about something I care about a lot – but also something in the “quite serious” category.

Bullying. Almost every child who has been to school has experienced bullying in some form or another.

But for some children, being bullied is their daily nightmare, affecting their entire lives. It means some don’t want to go to school and it means some are really unhappy when they do.

Children often don’t tell their parents about what is happening to them because they feel that if they “tell on” the bully, their daily torture will get worse.

From my experience, teachers have been the least subtle when it comes to bullying. After a child has gone to a teacher in confidence, it is a horrible thing to betray that confidence to the aggressor. This makes things worse rather than better usually.

The Dominion Post recently reported the case of an eleven-year-old girl whose classmates sent her emails telling her she should kill herself because “everyone hated her”.

Telling her parents about the abuse she was receiving was a good thing for her because her parents were able to take her out of the situation before things got worse.

An accompaniment to that story says there were three different incidents where students have killed themselves because of bullying.

New Zealand has an extremely high suicide rate amongst youth. Bullying, I’m sure, is part of the reason.

Dying is an option which should never be considered but when someone is being bullied, it’s often the only way they think they can get out of it.

They feel as if there is no one out there to listen to them and protect them, as if the bullying will go on for the rest of their lives.

I have news for people who feel like suicide is the only way out. It’s not.

The bullying eventually stops and the person who was bullied becomes a stronger, better person for the experience. Life is valuable and bullies should not have the power to take it away from anyone.

Children can be cruel to each other and technology makes things worse – instead of just being bullied at school, children can be taunted in their own homes, where they should feel safe. But they don’t because cellphones and computers have become weapons of torture.

I’m not sure why children bully, is it because the children don’t know any better? Or were they brought up to be cruel, angry, horrible people?

In life, people who are different are the ones who get bullied the most. If they wear different clothes, have different hair, have different levels of intelligence or different opinions, they are easy targets.

But they are the special people, the ones who make the world a better place, a more interesting place. Losing those people would take the colour out of the world.

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