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Monday, 20 May 2019 06:29 am

Passers-by curious about veiled sculptures

Rick Komene and Lucy Kneebone explore new waterfront geo-sculptures

DISPLAY ONLY: Rick Komene and Lucy Kneebone explore the sculptures.

FOUR NEW geo-sculptures outside Te Papa are attracting public attention – even though they have yet to be unveiled.

Passers-by have been poking and prodding at the new sculptures by Peter Trevelyan, which will be uncovered on February 26.

Rick Komene, 20, and Lucy Kneebone, 20, were amused by a triangular metal panel partially covered by a sticker.

“It looks as though it’s meant to be touched. I feel as though I should peel this off,” says Mr Komene.

Ms Kneebone laughed and said she would support Mr Komene’s decision to remove the stretched film.

Tourists Jana Boensch, 23, and Jitke Offenberder, 19, say they like the bent rubber backed structures because they were “cool” and “participatory”.


NEO ART: Peter Trevelyan's Mimetic Brotherhood outside Te Papa.

“I like them. They are dominant; they’re just mirrors and they take the environment into the sculpture,” says Ms Boensch.

Ms Boensch says the sculpture is meant to reflect the surroundings.

The multi-faceted sculptures – which appear to self implode – have replaced the plinths outside the museum as part of a biennial plan by the Wellington Sculpture Trust and Wellington City Council to provide a temporary installation.

The work, called Mimetic Brotherhood, will be officially unveiled as part of the 2010 New Zealand International Arts festival.

Sculpture Trust chairman Neil Plimmer says the actual cost of the installation is probably more than $25,000, however the costs incurred by Mr Trevelyan are unknown.

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