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Don’t build me in, GG tells planners

Mar 11th, 2010 | By | Category: Front Page Layout, Latest News, News

Picture 005THE Governor-General is worried his views will be blocked by changes to Wellington’s town plan.

So the Prime Minister has ridden to his rescue, asking the city council for building height restrictions around Government House in Mt Victoria to protect Sir Anand Satyanand‘s privacy and views of the harbour.

The Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet has made a submission to the council on Plan 73, a review of planning rules in the city’s suburban and urban centres.

It expresses concern about the obstruction of views to and from Government House and asks for height restrictions on any new buildings along nearby Adelaide Rd.

Adelaide Rd, Governor-General would like a height restriction in place

Adelaide Rd: Governor-General would like a height restriction in place.

The submission is concerned about privacy, but security is an issue as well, says Government House corporate services manager Brent Anderson.

“We’re concerned about both the view-shaft from the house and we are interested in providing privacy for the Governor General,” he says.

“We’ve asked for a step back on buildings and heights to make sure the grounds are not overlooked.”

A submission was also made by supermarket owner Progressive Enterprises, which supports the intent of the proposed changes, but seeks amendments to preserve the ability of supermarkets to be located in suburban centres while balancing the council’s traffic concerns.

The second round of submissions has closed, and the council is now collating them for a hearing at the end of April.

The city was divided into suburban centres in 2008 when the council adopted a new centres policy, which puts suburban areas in categories relating to each area’s makeup and services provided.

Under the changes of Plan 73, these are split again into two new categories, centres and business areas, with the latter divided into B1-mixed use and B2-industrial areas.

Some areas of land will be re-zoned to better reflect their uses. Key attention is placed on industrial areas, to prevent encroachment by residential and business expansion.

The entrance way to Government House

The entrance way to Government House.

Wellington City Council planning programme manager Luke Troy says this is important for the Wellington economy.
“There is a growing trend of industrial business areas being encroached upon by residential areas, meaning the industry moves away,” he says.

“The changes aim to better manage and maintain the service industry of Wellington and provide a balanced economy.”

The introduction of new design guides for centres and business areas will help improve the quality of new development.

Design guides differ from area to area and the majority of the changes are for new buildings over 500 square metres.

If the council votes to adopt the changes they should be in place by late August.

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  1. Cool – so when I write to the council and ask that they not build me out and block my view, I expect to enjoy the same degree of attention and compliance. After the consultation stage that council will enter into first, of course.

    And then a flock of pigs will fly past my window.

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