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Pupils get out and about locally

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EVANS Bay Intermediate students on the train to Porirua in their local outdoor education.

THE tradition of an early year school camp has been replaced with a week-long of outdoor education programme at Evans Bay Intermediate School and it’s been rated a success.

Activities included sightseeing, walking, climbing, kayaking, beach activities, as well as using public transport.

evanschristineOrganiser and teacher Christine McKinley, left, said the week gave children an opportunity to try some physical activity and do things they haven’t done before.

“Eight out of 55 children who came with us on our walk up Mt Victoria had never been up there before, and others had not been on a train” she said.

Mrs McKinley says children may not have done some activities before because they might not have been able to afford to, or did not know about them.

So she thinks that teaching them games which are free will give them ideas for things to do in the future.

“The beach activities give ideas to the children to play games when they go to the beach with their friends, instead of lying around at home and getting bored,” she said.

Outdoor education is part of the national curriculum, and Mrs McKinley feels that there are many benefits to children on the programme.

“Children develop their social skills, and use their mind for the physical activities. They learn to be with others, make more friends and see them in a different environment other than school,” she said.

evansshaneThe week long programme was supported by parents, with around five parents accompanying the classes each day.

Shane Mustafa, right, a mother from Strathmore, thought the activities were fantastic.

“There are so many things they (the children) can try – buses, trains, walking.  Every day there is something different.”

Another mother from Kilbirnie, Bernie Emery, also liked the programme.

“I’m glad they didn’t go camping as that’s exhausting. I like it that they are doing basic fun things, with exercise and fresh air, with no computers or TV involved.”

evanshamishBoth of their children agreed. Shafina Mustafa said she enjoyed the kayaks and the rock climbing.

“It was all pretty fun,” she said, and she preferred this programme rather than camping.

Hamish Emery, left,  said he enjoyed the visit to Scorching Bay, where he had lots of free time.

“I liked the beach because there was so much to do” he said.

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  1. That sounds like really good idea actually! Its great for the kids to actually get outside instead of being stuck on the computer or TV all the time, plus school camp just isn’t for everyone.
    Good work Greg =]

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