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Friday, 19 April 2019 12:25 am

Musical ‘vandalism’ enlivens Glover Park

Apr 23rd, 2010 | By | Category: Latest News, News

piano MAIN

MUSICAL INTERLUDE: Lunchtime 'concert' on the piano that suddenly appeared in Glover Park.

By Nay Johnson

A WELLINGTON artist is pushing the boundaries between urban art and vandalism, by bolting a 100-year-old piano to the pavement in Glover Park.

“Monster Jelly” (not his real name) says he is an urban designer, guerrilla style, and has put the restored piano right in the city centre for anyone to play.

He’s working with the idea that while personalising public property is considered vandalism, it can also enhance an urban space.

“I was interested about how graffiti was perceived by the public, and I’ve always been thinking about how I would be able to create some work that would be seen as artistic and enhance the space,” he says. “But [it would] also have those kinds of dark vandalism undertones to it.”

The piano, installed 10 days ago, has attracted a lot of attention from both the public and Wellington City Council.

The anonymous artist says initially, he got negative feedback from the council.

Spokesman Richard MacLean says the council isn’t keen on the piano being there too long, as local vandals will probably damage it if it isn’t looked after properly. But the council is “pretty relaxed” about it.

“It is obviously creating a bit of a scene and people are playing it and getting a kick out of it,” he says.

mugshot dan

DAN RAINEY: Welcomes the guerrilla art.

Dan Rainey, a musician from Wellington, loves the work and doesn’t consider it vandalism. “It’s a welcome addition to the Wellington creative culture,” he says.

He was there on the weekend jamming with all his mates, and got a large audience. “I guess it brings like-minded people together,” he says.

At nearby cafe Peoples Coffee, director Matt Lamason has blogged enthusiastically about the arrival of the “beautifully restored wooden piano”.

“It is well planned and thought out, it fits the local environment and park goers, and brought a spontaneous gush of beauty and community engagement to a park that sometimes struggles to be loved,” he writes.

Monster Jelly says he’s planning further guerrilla urban designs that are “bigger and better”. ┬áNewsWire has agreed not to reveal his name.

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  1. kia ora,
    I work in the area and consider the Piano to be a very welcome addition to the Park, nothing but fun and laughter has come about from it’s installation there. I did notice a couple of days after it was installed the guys from the council street cleanup squad try to lift it onto there truck (Fail) then they noticed it was bolted down. As far as vandalism goes there does not appear to have been any attacks on the piano, I think it’s because it gives
    I’m very surprised the fun police have not removed it. Excellent idea by the artist.

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