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Friday, 26 April 2019 01:41 am

Wellington boy racers find ways round police crackdown

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WELLINGTON boy racers have caught on to strategies being used by police in their attempts to shut down the local drag racing circuit.

The racers  are attempting to confuse the system by trading cars with each other on a regular basis,  something they call “swaps”.

One racer who talked to NewsWire says he has just swapped his Mitsubishi Lancer for a Subaru WRX.

Their counter-strategy involves professionally printing their cell phone numbers on their car back windows in a bid to encourage offers from other car enthusiasts.

They say they would rather attempt to confuse the police than give up their weekly gatherings to race.

Wellington police – who did not respond to NewsWire requests for information – have become “very active” with their prevention schemes, say the racers, most of whom decline to be named.

The police process is said to involve “tagging” each of the cars – by taking photos of the drivers and their cars – and compiling a “blacklist”.

The racers claim a large number of policing units are coming into Wellington from neighbouring regions every Thursday to enforce the tagging system.

Jordan McArthur (17) says the police  seemed to be focusing on making it really strict in Wellington.

“The Hutt’s easy at the moment. But I’m sure they’ll start tagging there, too.”

Joshua Hudephol (18) says he will not attend the drags every week now “or else your car gets labelled by the cops”.

“Boy racers only go to a spot where there are other boy racers,” says Josh. “If they trespass us all from one place, we’re just going to move somewhere else.”

They usually start the “drag chain” at Melling Station in the Hutt and end up at the Hataitai Velodrome in Wellington city, where they perform car tricks in the groups’ headlights.

The boys say they are all well aware of the “speed kills” slogan, but say they are not willing to give up their fast-paced adrenalin rush from their “off the clock” driving.

Josh compares his love for cars and going fast as “the same love you would typically have for your parents”.

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