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Cuba St salon makes hair of many colours

Jul 1st, 2010 | By | Category: Front Page Layout, Latest News, News


WildilocksMAIN4CASS Edwards (left) first sold hair wraps and trinkets from a stall in the Perth market in 2002.

Now she runs the first New Zealand outlet for Wildilocks, an Australian franchise operating in Perth and Melbourne that creates and sells dreadlock and human hair extensions, alternative clothing and accessories.

She says her store in upper Cuba St, opened in March, fits right into the Wellington alternative scene.

WILDILOCKSMAIN3Cass says she opened up a market stall in Perth seven years ago, selling hair wraps and trinkets, trying a few different things.

“I was bored of spending my life sitting in front of a computer [doing fine arts and multi-media] and kind of fell into it [starting Wildilocks] un-expectedly.

“Wellington seems like a good starting point. You get a sense there’s growth happening here. It has a great alternative scene.”

Manager Kate Patten (right), who always wanted to do something creative, says Wildilocks got bigger and bigger in Australia, paving the way for expansion.

As a senior stylist, she creates synthetic and wool dreadlock falls and says the process of making them is fairly simple.

“But there’s all these subtle movements of attaching them [to the hair], which can be quite tricky without attention to detail.”


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