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Friday, 26 April 2019 01:31 am

Race to be mayor of Capital city is down to a ‘quaddie’

WellyMayors MAIN 1

HOPEFULS: Jack Yan, Kerry Prendergast, Al Mansell, Bernard O'Shaughnessy, Celia Wade-Brown and Bryan Pepperell.

MansellCHECK out the web to find out who to vote for in the Wellington mayoral race and you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s a “quaddie”.

In other words, a four-horse race.

There are supposed to be six candidates for the capital city’s mayoralty, but when it comes to knowing what they actually stand for,  Al Mansell and Bernard O’Shaughnessy don’t seem to have any policies online.

The other four have websites, blogs and online statements to outline their backgrounds and the planks to their campaigns.

Kerry Prendergast has been mayor since 2001, and says she has issues she would like to address if re- elected.

These include maximum funding for Wellington, and expanding economic development.

Her environmental plans include providing energy saving plans for homes and businesses and helping Wellington to become a fully carbon neutral city.

She wants further development of facilities, such as artificial turf fields, world class indoor sports centres, bringing other major events to Wellington like the rugby sevens and the rugby world cup.

Southern ward councillor Bryan Pepperell was elected in 1996 and he says he has fresh ideas to bring to office if elected.

His goals include a more people-friendly council, a better deal for homeowners and those who rent, protection of the city’s natural heritage and bringing back water management, waterfront management and parking enforcement.

Businessman Jack Yan is campaigning for council for the first time and feels he can help make a difference in the way Wellington is governed.

He proposes free wifi internet around Wellington, transparent government, and growth of local businesses, water management, the environment and public transport.

Celia Wade-Brown was first elected to the council in 1994 and says she has a clear vision on what she thinks Wellington should look like in years to come.

Her vision includes good transport and technology choices;  renewable energy; local community action supporting community centres, libraries and reserves; upgrading council housing; and working with the community to increase public and private development.

Wellington elections end on October 9.

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