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POLL: Soccer is no real threat to rugby

Jul 2nd, 2010 | By | Category: Front Page Layout, Latest News, News, Sport

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By Anita De Muth and Hugh Petersen

FEW people think soccer a real threat to rugby as our national game, despite the recent success of the All Whites.

Caleb Te Weehi

There’s no way football has taken over, says Victoria University student Caleb Te Weehi (left).

“Everyone watches soccer round world cup time, but as soon as it’s over everyone will just go back to watching rugby – because that is what we are actually good at.”

Bob CampbellAmerican Peter Somers (above right), an Oriental Bay retiree, says it is absurd to even suggest that soccer could come anywhere near taking over rugby.

“No, rugby is the national sport. It’s a more rugged game and much more physical. This is how I see kiwis, a rugged tough bunch.”

Retired Kaitaia man Bob Campbell (left): “Soccer had the same boom last time. NZ was in a state of elation, as no one expects us to go anywhere at world cups and we didn’t.

“The same thing is happening this time and will just produce the same result. People will like soccer for a while, then go back to our national sport. RUGBY!”

Marg CampbellMarg Campbell (right), Kaitaia, does not think much of either sports.

Jack AuburnSam - Student“I don’t mind either way. It’s all good for NZ whatever sport is going well.”

English immigrant Jack Auburn (left) has not been in the country long, but has already noticed a big difference in the attitudes of Kiwis towards soccer.

“I wouldn’t be able to say whether soccer has taken over rugby, but coming from England it does seem to be very popular for such a small country.”

Steven - DiverCampbellLower Hutt student Sam (above right): “No, all sports are popular in NZ. Different people like different sports and I think it’s good that way. It’s good that all our sports here are interesting to different people.”

Johnsonville diver Steven (left) nearly swallowed his snorkel when asked if soccer was the new rugby in NZ: “No, it’ll be good for a couple of years, then people will see the light and get back to reality.”

Campbell (above right), Gisborne: “At the Jonathanmoment, yeah, soccer is a lot bigger and has probably taken over rugby, but it won’t be like this next year because everyone will get back into rugby for the 2011 world cup.”

Jonathan (left), Lower Hutt, feels that soccer has indeed taken the place of rugby. But though a rugby player himself, he is heartened by the shining people around the country have taken to football.

“Yeah, soccer is getting pretty big, and I have nothing against it, I watch soccer with my son, who also plays soccer himself.”

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