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DIY checkouts a no-brainer – for the young

Jul 13th, 2010 | By | Category: Front Page Layout, Latest News, News

machines NEW MAINSELF-CHECK CHECKOUTS are catching on in some Wellington supermarkets, especially among the young.

Supermarkets say the self checkouts, introduced last year to reduce waiting time for shoppers, get most use by younger shoppers.

New World Willis St checkout manager Judith Clayton says the supermarket has had an excellent reaction from the young people who use them, because of their ease of use.

The checkouts were introduced to Petone Pak’n Save in May this year and are getting similar feedback.

005It is understood trials of the technology are under way at Countdown. Owner Progressive Enterprises’ media spokesperson did not return NewsWire’s calls.

Customers with 15 or fewer items can scan and bag their own groceries, using touch-screen displays and payment options, an alternative to using cashier-staffed checkouts.

Petone Pak’n Save checkout manager Ruby Te Kahika says: “We do get a lot of older customers who prefer to use regular checkouts, but it is young people who are confident about using the self service.”

She says they are a great piece of technology and easy to use. So far only minor breakdowns have happened, usually caused by small grocery items that are light in weight.

Linda Ruawai, a regular Pak’n Save shopper, says: “I think they’re great, they should have had them installed years ago. They’re a bit of fun… I use them a lot.”

machines - evanAlthough younger, more technology-savvy people tend to use the self-check system Pak’n Save shopper Evan Keats (pictured right) had a go: “This is the first time I’ve used them – I try to avoid anything electronic if I can help it,” he says.

“I’d rather go through a regular checkout with people and let them do all the work.”

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