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Thursday, 21 March 2019 05:12 am

Whitireia music students fronted up for Upfront

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Upfront MAIN 2LEARNING music theory is one thing – but getting on stage and playing with the greats is something else entirely.

That was the experience for a bunch of Whitireia School of Music students when they performed at Wellington’s Illott Theatre alongside guest musicians Karl Steven and Warren Maxwell.

As the guitar riffs faded out and the lights came up, the students were stoked about their performance.

“It’s easy to just get up and play,” says first year degree student Dave.

“But it’s different to being able to get together with other musicians and be able to make a harmony.

“It’s a good environment to be exposed to and it has really opened our eyes to performing, and it also means that we are exposed to the public.”

Kerry, another first year music degree student, agrees: “It was a pretty epic show.

Upfront MAIN 3“Working with Warren and Karl has really boosted everyone’s enthusiasm and confidence.

“It’s inspired me to get involved with more large shows.

“Having Karl on stage going nuts was awesome, because it makes us want to go hard, too.”

Karl and Warren were impressed by the calibre of the students’ performance.

“It was heaps of fun, which is why we keep doing it,” they said.

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