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Lower socio-economic issues concern Mana voters

Oct 15th, 2010 | By | Category: Featured Article, Front Page Layout

manavoxMAINLOW socio-economic issues are the main worry for potential voters in the coming Mana by-election judging by local people spoken to by Newswire in a street poll.

Schooling, employment opportunities, pay rates plus roading are highlighted by voters interviewed in Porirua city, Whitby and Plimmerton shopping areas.

Chris Wood (37), Whitby, pictured with his daughter Sophie, is a teacher at Porirua College and is undecided on who he will vote for.

He says education is the major issue and he thinks funding needs to be addressed. He says primary schools in the Whitby area are decile ten generally but when it comes to secondary schooling pupils are sent into the city or to the Hutt Valley.

He says secondary schools in the Mana electorate such as Porirua College and Mana College have decile ratings of four or under.

manavoxLizzyLizzy Ambrose (33), pictured left, an early childhood teacher and part time café worker, is concerned about the low rates of pay for people who work in childcare and care for the elderly.

Ms Ambrose is also interested about employment in the electorate and child abuse which can go unnoticed.

“CYFS don’t pick up on this” she said.

She says there is a lack of facilities and advice in the Mana mental health sector.

Thirteen of the 16 people polled were enrolled to vote in the by-election, six were definitely voting, another six were unsure and four were definitely not intending to vote.

Five of the 16 interviewed were under 21 and three people in this age group had no intention of casting a vote.

Logan Willmott (20) a graphic design student who lives in Whitby, is not intending to vote but felt the lack of employment in the Mana electorate was a major issue.

Amanda Hammond (18), who works at subway and lives in Ranui was in the dark. “I don’t know much about the election at all” she said.

Whitby shop assistant Sherry Hall, 18, is not intending to vote. “I don’t know enough about it,” she said.

manavoxMichelleOne of the major issues Michelle Balfour (22), pictured right, Paremata, is concerned about in the Mana electorate is the lack of employment opportunities for young people. The student  cites the example of her 19-year-old sister who is currently looking for work.

Ms Balfour is also aware of the lack of improvement to state houses in areas such as Cannons Creek.

Sasha Wood, Whitby, mother and part-time worker at Hutt Hospital, is undecided who she will vote for.

The main issue for Mrs Wood is the traffic problems along Mana Esplanade.

manavoxJustineJustine Murphy (35), pictured left, self employed, of Whitby is also concerned about traffic.

She is in favour of Transmission Gully.

James Brodey, Whitby, a project leader with Internal Affairs, hasn’t thought about the issues concerning the electorate because they have just had a baby recently. He presumes he is enrolled and will probably vote.

Hayley Avison (42), Paremata, is intending to vote but has not yet considered the major issues of the electorate.

“To be honest I would have no idea” she said.

Phil Tapoki (28), a cleaner who lives in Porirua East, is enrolled for the election but is not intending to vote.

He hasn’t lived in Porirua for long and that he did not know enough to vote this time.

manavoxRyanTara Ryan (20), pictured right, a Victoria University student who lives in Whitby, is intending to vote in the byelection but had not thought about major issues in the electorate.

Trisha Mc Davitt (86), has resided in Titahi Bay since February this year. She says she is not enrolled in the Mana electorate and is unsure about voting in the by election.

“All the candidates are fine. Porirua city centre is a lot better than I thought it would be”

Justine Harris (35), of Whitby, is intending to vote in the election and she felt that there needs to be a balance of needs across the community.

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