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Police inquiry into students awaits auditor

Nov 11th, 2010 | By | Category: Front Page Layout, Latest News, News

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ABORTED ELECTION: Students who turned up for the association's attempted election last week.

POLICE are waiting on an audit before deciding if they will do anything about the Whitireia Independent Students Association.

The audit is in response to a complaint made by members of the association’s executive board against other members alleging funds were unaccounted for and misappropriated.

Further action cannot be taken on the complaint until the audit is completed, says Detective Terry Laws from the police criminal investigation branch.

“The forensic audit is being undertaken by Deloitte’s accountants, and will identify anything that might need to be investigated,” he says. “It’s a key part of the investigation.”

The complaint made to the police in August claimed a lot of money was un-accounted for, he says.

“It could turn out to be criminal, mismanagement or just nothing. We are awaiting the result of the audit to see where we go.”

He does not expect anything will be needed to be done by the police before Christmas.

Troubled association

In August, executive member Tim Manu gave an auditor’s report to the Dominion Post, which reported on the financial collapse of the association.

Members of the executive made a complaint to the police of misappropriation of funds.

In October, the association had to fight off a liquidation application in court, brought about by student Graham McCready. He wanted to form a new debt-free association.

The judge rejected the application, and advised the association to “get on with it”.

BillMAINAssociation lawyer Bill Bevan (Left) says the court proceedings have cost the association tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees.

On November 4, a special meeting to elect a new executive board was adjourned because of technical breaches to the constitution.

It states students must be given two weeks’ notice prior to an election, but no notices had been displayed on campus.

Mr Bevan said because students have challenged decisions made previously, they wanted to make sure no-one could challenge the vote.

“It is a highly charged and contentious election and anyone who didn’t get in could say that the rules weren’t followed,” he said.

Election of the executive will take place on next Thursday (November 18) at the Porirua campus.

A new president will then be appointed by the executive.

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