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Tuesday, 23 April 2019 08:05 am

QUAKE Day 2: Survivor recovery

Feb 23rd, 2011 | By | Category: Featured Article, Front Page Layout, News

IMAGE: NZ Herald


NewsWire reporters monitor media coverage of the Christchurch earthquake emergency. NICOLE BENNIK edited their work:

10.36pm: A construction manager who joined rescue efforts after the earthquake describes rescuers using a hacksaw to cut off a man’s leg to free him after he was pinned under concrete, the NZ Herald reports.

10.33pm: TVNZ shows dramatic footage of two people being saved from the depths of the crushed Pyne Gould building. The film was shot by one of the rescuers. VIEW HERE> successful rescue operation

10.26pm: NZ Herald: Two Irish citizens have died in the New Zealand earthquake, the Department of Foreign Affairs said.

10.16pm: TVNZ reports the confirmed death toll remains at 75, with about 300 missing.

10.15pm: Hopes of further miracles at the Canterbury TV building seem dashed when TVNZ reports that the area has been closed down and a digger is clearing rubble, which suggests delicate rescue work is not being done.

9.45pm: Telecommunications companies have repeated their call for people to continue to use text messages instead of calling on mobile phones when contacting people in Christchurch, the NZ Herald reports.

9.20pm: Statistics NZ will decide in the next 48 hours whether or not it will cancel this year’s census, according to sources close to NewsWire.

8.45pm: Stuff reports the Corrections Department has begun transferring prisoners from Christchurch’s Rolleston Prison so it can be used to accommodate emergency service workers and volunteers. Prisoners will be transferred to Christchurch Men’s Prison over the next few days.

8.16pm: TVNZ reports Education Minister Anne Tolley says schools and early childhood services in Christchurch City and the Waimakariri and Selwyn Districts will remain closed until further notice. There are no reports of injuries at the schools at the moment.

8.16pm: The UK Guardian website has not been updated with news from the Christchurch earthquake for the past six hours. Libya continues to lead its World News page. The New York Times has buried the story, but it was updated nine minutes ago.

8.11pm: TVNZ reports live from Christchurch that rescuers appear to be returning to the CTV building to resume the search.

8.07pm: Sydney Morning Herald reports: Heartbreaking scenes of families in agony are emerging from Christchurch as police begin delivering the dreaded bad news to anxious relatives of the trapped.

8.05pm: TVNZ: The Prime Minister says the government is doing everything it can to help families in Japan who are worried about missing students. More than a dozen students are feared to be still inside the CTV building, which housed an English language school. John Key says the government is dealing with the Japanese ambassador.

7.53pm: Police updated the number of people that may have been lost in “unsurvivable” CTV building. They estimate more than 100 people have perished.

7.43pm: The earthquake will cost $16 billion, estimates JP Morgan. TVNZ reports Westpac has predicted that the Reserve Bank will would slash the official cash rate by 50 basis points to 2.5% at its monetary policy statement on March 10, and would not raise the rate again until 2012. Credit rating agency Moody’s Investors Service says there is no need to reconsider New Zealand’s Aaa credit rating.

WRECKED ROAD: The Summit road to Lyttelton above Sumner, shown by TVNZ.

7.40pm: Newstalk ZB reporter Amanda South says representatives of around six Japanese media organisations are demanding answers about the search for their people. They want to know why search and rescue crews aren’t continuing to concentrate on the CTV building. The building also held an English language school and many of the students were Japanese.

7:32pm: Christchurch City Council has updated advice and information for people in Christchurch. Read the updates on TVNZ here>

7.31pm: Air New Zealand flights out of Christchurch to Auckland and Wellington have sold out for Thursday and Friday, reports TVNZ.

7.30pm: NewstalkZB reports that international experts and volunteers have started pouring in to New Zealand. Foreign Minister Murray McCully says two Australian search and rescue contingents, of 72 personnel and three dogs have arrived, while 300 Australian police offices will arrive on Friday to help out with cordon work. A disaster medical assistance team of 21 personnel will land later tonight, including emergency doctors and nurses and surgical teams.

Twenty four Taiwanese search and rescue teams and 71 from Singapore will arrive at 8.30 tonight.
An American Disaster Response Team of 80 people will arrive tomorrow morning, as well 63 search and rescue personnel from the UK. Another 63 Japanese general medical and rescue workers will also arrive tomorrow.

7.26pm: Automatic six month visa extensions for any foreign national whose work, visitor or student visa application cannot be processed because of the Christchurch earthquake will be issued by Immigration New Zealand.

To recap 7:15pm:
•    Police say the damage to the CTV building is not survivable
•    Bill English says the government can absorb the cost of the quake
•    The Canterbury rail network has been largely cleared
•    The Fire Service has listed the seven buildings with people trapped.
•    The Australian government have donated $5 million to the quake relief.
•    Six people have been arrested for looting.
•    Half of Christchurch is still without power
•    About 900 tourists have been evacuated from Christchurch.
•    80 per cent of Christchurch city are without water.
•    Teams from Australia, Taiwan, Singapore, the US, Japan, and the UK have been sent.

7.09pm: People on Clifton Hill in Sumner are being ordered to leave their homes. There are fears the hillside could collapse.

7.02pm: Some 80% of Christchurch city is without water.

6.50pm: About 900 tourists, most who have lost possessions and passports, have been evacuated from Christchurch to Wellington following the earthquake.

6.43pm: Assistance and search and rescue teams from Australia, Taiwan, Singapore, the US, Japan, and the UK have been sent to Christchurch.

6:38pm: OneNews reports that half of Christchurch is still without power.

6.21pm: Six people have been arrested for looting.

6.14pm: More than 75 Auckland Council staff have been redeployed to Christchurch, including 25 building inspectors, 22 emergency response staff and 12 engineers.

6.09pm: The Australian government has donated $5million to the quake relief.

6.07pm: NZ Herald reports that two children hurt in the Christchurch earthquake have arrived at Starship Hospital in Auckland for treatment. Auckland District Health Board has confirmed the pair are in its care, with three more adult patients expected to arrive from the quake zone for dialysis treatment this evening.

5:58pm: The Fire Service has listed the seven buildings with people trapped.

They include:
CTV Building – 24 Rescued, 7 deceased, 22+ still missing
PGG Building – 24 Rescued, 7 believed trapped (from dogs barking at human presence).
Christchurch Cathedral – 22 missing, approx 20 dead (expected). Building is dangerous and can not be entered. There will be a review in the morning.
The Press building – 4 rescued ,1 deceased. Probably more
Smith City Car Park – Building dangerous, dogs have not sniffed out any live bodies.
St Asaph/Colombo – 6 confirmed dead from debris collapsed onto two buses
92 – 95 Cashel Street (Bakery) – 3 confirmed dead

The Fire Service says the numbers are still changing.

5.54pm: reports the rail network in Canterbury has been largely cleared and rail operations are set to resume in a number of areas.

5.49pm: Finance Minister Bill English has announced that the government can absorb the cost of Christchurch’s devastating earthquake. “It is a setback, but we can handle it. These are bigger costs, but we are in a sound enough position to handle it,” English said.

5.27pm: Police say the damage to the CTV building is not survivable. A curfew has been put in place across parts of the quake ravaged city.

5.21pm: Christchurch City Council  has advised that kerbside wheelie bin collection will continue as normal tomorrow, Thursday, except for Lyttelton.

4.56pm: The headline “Four Hundred Feared Dead” on the AdelaideNow website has drawn the ire of visitors to the site.  Criticism has been posted from readers not appreciating what they see as a misleading and sensationalist headline.

4.48pm: Thai Foreign Ministry sends Bt2.3M in aid for earthquake in Christchurch.

4.48pm: Media outlets are saying on twitter: “Defence Minister says this is the first time in NZ’s history that a National State of Emergency has been declared.”

4:48pm: NZ Herald reports a mother’s voicemail: “I don’t think I’m going to make it”. Here is the recording.

4.45pm: Fonterra has donated $1million to the Red Cross Christchurch Appeal.

4.42pm: Queues for petrol at a Shell station in Belfast is a kilometre long. People are waiting over an hour to buy supermarket essentials.

4.42pm: The Australian Government will donate $5 million to the Red Cross Appeal for Canterbury earthquake victims.

4.41pm: Police say they do not believe the site of Christchurch’s quake-hit Canterbury TV building is survivable..  Area Commander Inspector Dave Lawry said police have abandoned efforts to find survivors from the site.

4:35pm: Reports from social media site Twitter say that a large sink hole has appeared at the south-end of Lyttleton St.

4.34pm: Concerns if the 26 Storey Hotel Grand Chancellor building colapses, it could cause shockwaves potentially bringing down other surrounding buildings.

4.30pm: CTV rescue operation is over. Now in recovery phase.

4:30pm: NZ Herald reports that Rolleston Prison will be cleared to make room for rescuers to sleep.

4.23pm: All gate proceeds from this Saturday’s North Harbour Stadium Warriors versus Eagles match will go to relief efforts in Christchurch.

4.19pm: A woman has been rescued from the Pyne Gould building after 25 hours in the rubble.  Just before 2.30pm, Ann Bodkin Allen was pulled from the ruined building into the arms of her husband Graham.

4.14pm: The residential repair programme that Fletcher Construction is operating in Canterbury is temporarily on hold while resources are directed to emergency response.  The company is making available additional staff, including engineers and supervisors, to assist in the recovery process.

4:13pm: NZ Herald reports there are still 300 missing person reports.

4.10pm: Six arrests of Theft and Burglary in Christchurch today, says Superintendent Dave Cliff.

4:09pm: Christchurch Deputy Mayor Ngaire Button has asked residents to not flush their toilets and restrict usage of phone lines.

4.08pm: Christchurch Deputy Mayor Ngaire Button asks Christchurch residents to use water sparingly, and to boil for 3 minutes before drinking.

4.06pm: Fletcher Building’s shares continued to rise today.  At time of writing, they are selling at $8.53.  Yesterday the share price defied the market, with its shares closing higher after the deadly Christchurch earthquake, as expectations of increased work in the wake of the devastating quake were quickly priced in.

4.00pm: Telecom is bringing three portable mobile sites into Christchurch to help ease congestion on the network.

3.57pm: Telecom is asking for donations of landline phone that are not needed in Christchurch. Donations are accepted at any Telecom Store.
3.57pm: Christchurch Airport’s website reports the airport is now open to international as well as domestic flights. Passengers are still advised to check with their airline.
3.37pm: President Obama sends “Elite 74 Member”  Search and rescue team to assist in Christchurch Earthquake. They are due to arrive Thursday morning

3.35pm: Reinsurance coverage will cost $53million it was announced today. Mike Wilkins, managing director, Insurance Australia Group (the ASX-listed insurer that owns State Insurance and NZI), said it’s “far too early to determine the extent of the damage,” though reinsurance coverage will mean the maximum financial impact to the group would be $53 million.

3.34pm: Paymark spokeswoman reports Eftpos is now fully operation in Christchurch.

3.33pm: A Canterbury University student is “80% certain” he will quit his studies because of the Christchurch earthquakes, reports NewsWire’s Jonathan Chilton-Towle.

To recap 3:30pm:
Rescuers are focussing on the Pyne Gould building
• Schools will be closed for the remainder of the week
• The Port of Lyttelton remains closed pending a full engineering assessment.
• Rescuers have been ordered off the CTV site.
• Canterbury residents are being advised to update voicemail messages
• Parliament has been adjourned until March 8.
• Power has been restored to 60 per cent of Christchurch.

3.23pm: TVNZ reports SkyCity will turn the Sky Tower red tonight in support of the Red Cross appeal in response to yesterdays quake.

3.14pm: Search and rescue teams are going to continue looking for survivors for a second night following yesterday’s quake.

3.12pm: Christchurch Hospital cared for 220 major trauma patients overnight, but the total number of people injured is still unknown.

3:08pm: Ngai Tahu helps Maori affected by Christchurch Earthquake.

3:04pm: Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker says the amazing rescue of a female at the Pyne Gould Corporation building was something he could not believe.

3:03pm: Plunket NZ has announced on Facebook that all donations made to the organisation will be forwarded to the Christchurch Earthquake appeal until later notice.

2:58pm: A top US civil defence boss survived unhurt when the quake struck Christchurch yesterday, reports NewsWire.

2.58pm: Power has been restored to 60 per cent of Christchurch, says Orion chief executive Roger Sutton.

2.57pm Radio NZ has reported that efforts to rescue earthquake survivors trapped in Christchurch buildings are focusing on the Pyne Gould building, where rescuers say they have reason to believe people are still alive. Fire Service national commander Mike Hall says rescue teams have identified that four to five people are alive in the rubble. Mr Hall says the people are in two different locations inside and rescuers are working on the delicate task of reaching them and bringing them to safety.

2:55pm: The Education Ministry has announced that all schools and preschools in Christchurch city and Selwyn and Waimakariri districts must stay shut for the rest of the week. More information will be available on the ministry’s website, by 3pm Friday.

2.54pm: The Port of Lyttelton remains closed pending a full engineering assessment.

2.53pm: TVNZ reports that rescue workers have been ordered off the CTV building site, where people are still thought to be trapped. The area has become too unstable and rescue workers have been shifted to the PGC building.

2:45pm: Vodafone and many other twitter users are saying people in Christchurch should change their voicemail to a message letting people know they are safe, incase their phone battery runs out.

2:43pm: Geonet reports there was a 3.9 magnitude earthquake at 2.31pm, at a depth of 5kms, 10 km east of Christchurch.

2:39pm: New Zealand Herald just tweeted that a fourth person has been rescued from the PGG building. She was taken from the building on a fire truck ladder.

2.36pm: Auckland Mayor Len Brown says more than 100 Aucklanders are on their way to Christchurch to provide specialist support. Len Brown say the Auckland Civil Defence Emergency Coordination Centre is working directly with Wellington to deliver support.

2.34pm: After a sombre debate in Parliament MPs have agreed to adjourn Parliament until Tuesday March 8.

2.33pm: Stuff reports a female survivor was pulled out of the PGC building at about 2.15pm.

To recap 2:32pm:

– death toll stands at 75, with 300 missing
– there are fears the 26 storey Hotel Grand Chancellor building could collapse
– temporary morgue facilities set up
– major damage to power infrastructure
– water and sewerage services disrupted
– phone networks under pressure
– hospitals damaged, patients being transferred
– PM vows Christchurch will be rebuilt

2.27pm NewstalkZB reports that power is slowly returning to Christchurch. Orion says more than 60% of Christchurch customers have power once again.  Progress in eastern suburbs is slow due to the extent of the damage. The suburbs of Dallington and Brighton are among the worst affected.

2.25pm: Scammers already are using the Christchurch earthquake to take advantage of the good will of New Zealanders. The Ministry of Consumer Affairs is warning reporting says emails are being sent out from “James McCoy”, claiming to be from “Donate4CharityNZ”, using a legitimate UK-based charity’s organisation name and website address.

2.25pm: The public are being advised to remain off the road where possible, as emergency services are having difficulty accessing areas around the city due to congestion.

2.21pm: All courts in Christchurch will remain closed for the rest of the week, the Ministry of Justice has announced. A ministry spokesman said there had been extensive damage to a number its workplaces in Christchurch and those undamaged had been disrupted by access and power issues.

2:18pm: NZ Trade and Enterprise is appealing for working laptops. Contact 09 354 9155.

2.18pm: Christchurch International Airport has reopened for international flights.

2:17pm: Twitter users are reporting that the Hotel Grand Chancellor is about to fall. Hotel Grand Chancellor in Manchester St had moved about one metre horizontally during the past 10 to 15 minutes.

Christchurch's tallest building, the Hotel Grand Chancellor, is at risk of collapse.

2:04pm: There are grave fears that the Hotel Grand Chancellor building in down town Christchurch may collapse with reports the building is visibly slumping. The building is almost warped, witnesses say. It is believed to have sunk three metres in the past 10 minutes and several internal floors have collapsed.

2.03pm: Rolleston men’s prison is to be emptied to make room for homeless Cantabrians. Some 320 beds will be available, says Police Minister Judith Collins.

1.59pm: The Red Cross has opened a call centre in Palmerston North to help deal with an overload of calls. The number is 0800 733 276 or 0800 RED CROSS.

1:59pm: A magnitude 4.2 aftershock struck Christchurch at 1:59pm. Like yesterday’s it had a focal depth of just 5km and was centred 10km southeast of the city.

1:57pm: Civil Defence public information manager Vince Cholewa tells NewsWire’s Anita De Muth that since Exercise Tangaroa there have been corrective actions that have been implemented in dealing with national emergencies, but he is unable to give any information until after the Civil Defence response and debrief.

1.45pm: The military ceremony to be held at Christchurch airport today for the New Zealand soldier who died in a vehicle crash in Afghanistan has been cancelled. Private Karifi Mila’s casket was met at Auckland airport yesterday by members of his family and his unit – which is based in Burnham. A private family service will be held in Auckland on Friday.

1.44pm: CCTV video has surfaced of the moment the quake struck a Christchurch supermarket.

1.41pm: RadioNZ reported that the area around the hotel is being evacuated by rescue services, and they think it may come down in 10 minutes.

1.45pm: New Zealand Post has suspended all mail deliveries in Christchurch.

1:34:pm reports fears that the Grand Chancellor building on Cashel St will collapse causing devastating damage. Witnesses say that the building is almost warped and visibly slumping.

1:32pm NZ Herald reports that Statistics New Zealand have suspended the delivery of census forms nationwide due to yesterday’s earthquake.

12:54pm: NZ Herald reports that Fonterra has delivered 200,000 litres of fresh water into Christchurch using rail pods. The water is being distributed at six local schools that have been set up as water centres.

12.43pm: Hospitals all around New Zealand have been put on code red as they prepare for the arrival of the quake victims.

12.19pm: KiwiRail has halted services in and out of Christchurch, including the route through to Lyttelton Port.

12.11pm: Three hundred Australian police officers are being sent to Christchurch. Canterbury District Commander Superintendent Dave Cliff said he had asked for the extra police.  A Police National Headquarters spokesman said Commissioner Howard Broad had approached Australian forces and details of the contingent’s make-up were likely to be finalised this afternoon. The officers would work alongside Kiwi police in the city.

12.08pm: The Prime Minister is due to arrive in Christchurch at 1pm and will visit welfare centres.

12.02pm: John Key said the scale of the recovery effort was unknown at this stage, but he indicated it could be close to the $6 billion to $8 billion cost of the September 4 earthquake.

11.48am: Foodstuffs has released a list of supermarkers that are open in Christchurch today as at 10.30am:

New Worlds in Ashburton, Bishopdale, Fendalton (limited range available), Halswell, Lincoln, Northwood, Rangiora and Rolleston; Pak’n Saves in Hornby and Northlands; All Four Squares are open, except the Lyttelton store.

Foodstuffs South Island chief executive Steve Anderson said four more stores would be opened later today, but it may be weeks before some stores were re-opened.

11.46am: John Key says the focus today and tomorrow our focus is on preserving lives.

11:46am: A long-term Australian resident of New Zealand origin appears to have died in the Christchurch earthquake, Prime Minister Julia Gillard says, as reported by the Sydney Morning Herald.

11:32am: Mayor Bob Parker confirms that 75 people have been killed in the Christchurch earthquake. Mr Parker said 55 bodies had been identified and there were a further 20 unidentified bodies.

He said another 300 people were listed as missing, though not all of them would be trapped in buildings that were being desperately searched for survivors.

11:28am: A national emergency has been declared in NZ by Prime Minister John Key.

11.21am: Prime Minister John Key says New Zealand is witnessing the havoc wrought by a “violent and ruthless´act of nature. “Today all New Zealanders grieve for you Christchurch.”

11.20am: The death of a Fairfax staff member in The Press newspaper’s central city office has been confirmed.

11.20am: TV3 news reports 55 bodies identified, 20 undentified 300 missing.

11.18am: Stuff reports that a camera sent down into the CTV building has found a pocket of 15 people alive but trapped.

11.15am: At least 75 people have been killed in the Christchurch earthquake, Mayor Bob Parker says.

11:11am: At least 75 people have been killed in the Christchurch earthquake, Mayor Bob Parker says. Fifty to fifty-five people have been identified, 20 have yet to be identified and 300 people are listed as missing.

10:54am: Stuff reports two children are being flown from Christchurch to Auckland’s Starship Hospital this morning.

10.50am: Stuff reports a temporary mortuary to deal with Christchurch earthquake victims has been moved to the Burnham Military Camp “for capacity reasons”.

10.49am: The Bluebridge ferry are offering adult fares are $25, children $10 and cars $60 one way.

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