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Thursday, 21 March 2019 01:06 am

QUAKE Day 3: Toll rises

Feb 24th, 2011 | By | Category: Featured Article, Front Page Layout, News



Interior damage from the earthquake. PHOTO: SandyEm (Flickr)


NewsWire reporters monitor media coverage of the Christchurch  earthquake emergency. OWEN WINTER edited their work:


9.30pm: Wellington’s Arise church has announced they have a second truck organised to ship their goods tomorrow


9:11pm: Lyttelton tunnel is closed to traffic, except fuel tankers (with escort)


8:38pm:  A $10 will sponsor a blanket for Canterbury. Go to to learn more


8:34pm: Newstalk ZB tweets: Christchurch residents running low on fresh water can top up their supplies at the car park at Cowles Stadium in Wainoni. #eqnz


8:17pm: nz_quake reports on Twitter that another quake Mag 3.6, Thursday happend at 8:07 pm


7:47pm: @3AW693 Reports Victoria Police will deploy 116 members to New Zealand tomorrow to assist the New Zealand Police Force #eqnz


7.33pm: TV3 has a link to before and after photos shown on the news tonight CLICK HERE


7.28pm: New Zealand reporter in Christchurch saying A large team of Japanese searchers has now entered the CTV site with dogs.


7.22pm: From Twitter: “Civil Defence says reports New Brighton has been evacuated and the Grand Chancellor has collapsed are BOTH INCORRECT”


7.08pm: Twitter reports saying the aftershock measured 4.0


7.05pm: Airline Pilots Association has confirmed one of its members, Jillian Murphy, died in the quake.


7.00pm: Twitter reports saying an aftershock was just felt “the biggest one yet.”


6.50pm: Joseph Haiu, 40 among the confirmed dead


6.29pm: 22-year-old Jamie Gilbert is among those named by police has having died


6.19pm: Police have named two babies who died in the Christchurch earthquake.They are nine-month-old Jayden Harris and five-month-old Baxter Gowland, both from Christchurch.


6.12pm: Coroner has said police need to be absolutely sure before they release names.


6.10pm: Stuff reported police saying the number of identified bodies is now 98


5.43pm: The death toll is now 92, Prime Minister John Key announced.


5.40pm: Stuff reports that 238 people are still unaccounted for. A list of dead and missing is due to be released at 6pm.



5.29pm: Twitter reports that at some  dairies 2 litres of milk is selling for $7.50 and service stations charing  $3 per litre for fuel.



5.25pm: Estimate of people trapped in CTV building between 60 and 120



5.09pm: Shell New Zealand has donated $1 million to the christchurch earthquake.



5.04pm: CEO of Orion Energy told 3News they expect to have 75% of electricty back this evening.



4.57pm: There are twitter reports of a rural Canterbury service station charing $2.70 per litre for petrol



4.49pm: 3News has a live interview with a journalist from Japan who arrived this afternoon to cover the situation



4.48pm: Tertiary education minister Steven Joyce has expressed grave concern for the staff and students of Kings Education, which was located on the third floor of the collapsed CTV building. Joyce says he has spoken with Kings Education director John Ryder to offer any support the government can give



4.47pm: Christchurch residents are told to boil water and add 1tsp bleach to 10L of water & leave for 30 minutes before drinking



4.44pm: Christchurch Hosptial is saying over twitter they are open – contrary to some media reports



4.42pm: 3News have a live interview with Paula Bennet, Minister of Social Development


4.34pm: NewsWire reporter Kerry Monaghan has been montoring the world’s media and noted that the BBC still continues to update their coverage on the quake every ten minutes. Fox News has listed the quake as it’s fourth top story under its World news section, but no new updates. The Guardian also continues to run  the story as its lead with full coverage and updates.



4.27pm: The EQC says that as at 1.30pm, it has received 7000 claims from Tuesday’s quake, but it expects the final tally to exceed the 150,000 claims it received from the September quake.



4.24: Prime Minister John Key has addressed the nation on his website.  NewsWire reporter Jenny Gilchrist  summarised:
The primary focus is to restore power, sewerage and water. He thanked the police for their efforts. John Key will be in Wellington on Friday and will travel back to Christchurch on Saturday.
Next week the emphasis will be on financial support and rebuilding.  The rest of the message was about support for the people of Christchurch.



4.20pm: Stuff have published pictures of missing people LINK



4:17pm: Fonterra NZ is installing 5 Milk vats around christchurch to hold fresh water and  BP NZ has announced that petroleum stored at its lyttleton oil terminal is safe and can now be distibuted throughout the canterbury region



4.16pm:  Trademe  has over one thousand listings for spare rooms,  couches,  animal housing and backyards in which tents can be pitched. There are numerous other trademe listings for quake support, including: lost and found pets, transport, volunteer labour, and more. LINK



4.15pm: The Naked Bus transport company is offering 50% discounts on all fares in and out of Christchurch



4.14pm: The Christchurch city council has released a statement saying that they are full with supplies, they have enough food, bedding and other goods.



4.13pm: Housing New Zealand has set up a help line and website to help find accommodation for people. If you have accommodation you can offer, or you are looking for help with accommodation you can contact Housing New Zealand at contact 0800 HELP 00 or on its website .



4.10: NZ Post has advised that all NZ Post & Express Couriers operations in Christchurch are suspended until Monday 28 February



4.05pm: BP Oil New Zealand advises that its Lyttelton oil terminal has now re-opened following a thorough safety inspection



4.00pm:  The New Zealand Motor Caravan Association have received so many enquiries about their Easter Rally, which will be in Christchurch, that they released the following statement on their website: “There is no damage to the site and there are no plans to change the venue or timing.”



3.56pm: St John says its teams are continuing to respond to heart problems, chest pains, breathing problems and traumatic injuries (brain injuries, chest and limb injuries, and crush injuries).



3.55pm: 3News will be broadcating live from 4.30pm both on television and web stream



3.52pm:  Social Development Minister Paula Bennet has donated $20,000 to the student volunteer army to help with their operations.



3.51pm: Downstage Theatre in Wellington is offering free tickets to ‘Love You Approximately’ a Kiwi romantic comedy for Christchurch residents stuck in Wellington-  Call 801 6946



3.46pm: Canon Australia is matching staff donations dollar for dollar to support the people of Christchurch.



3.44:  Thai newspaper The nation, reports that six nursing students from Thailand are missing after the Christchurch earthquake.



3.42pm:  The annoucement of dead people’s names has been delayed until at least 6pm.



3.41pm:  Flight Centre have donated $1 million to relief efforts.



3.40pm: Petrol stations in christchurch still have queues spilling out onto the road. Caltex on Riccarton Road has run out of fuel and BP on Riccarton rd has run out of unleaded 91



3.39pm:  Work and income staff are continuing to make contact with elderly people living alone in Christchurch, with over 10,000 calls made so far.



3.25pm: President of the Association of Counsellors, Jonathan Loan, says many people are still shell-shocked and running on adrenalin. He says people’s emotional wellbeing is likely to change over the coming days, weeks, and even months. Counsellors can be sought through health services, iwi and runanga, or by phoning the Association of Counsellors national office on on 07 834 0220



3:20pm: is reporting that Christchurch is set to be hit with cold and wet weather overnight, which is likely to put more pressure on rescuers.



3.18pm: Newswire reporter Brendan Manning has been montoring the world’s media and noted the New York Times has dropped the story from their front page but BBC and The Guardian continue to run the story with constant updates. It is their top story behind the unrest in Libya.


3.17pm: John Key isn’t ruling out Christchurch as a host of the Rugby World Cup. He said while AMI stadium has liquefaction, there is not substantial damage. He says it is more a question of whether enough accommodation is available.



3.13pm:  Credit rating companies say there is no immediate need to change the credit ratings of insurers because of the Christchurch earthquake but Moody’s Investors Service said ratings pressure may develop over time on the banking sector.
Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services has stopped short of putting a figure on the insurance cost of the quake, saying only that the unprecedented event will cost more than the September earthquake. Yesterday, JP Morgan estimated the cost of the earthquake at $NZ16 billion.



3.12pm: The Japanese rescue team has been pulled out of the CTV building.



3.10pm:  The four welfare centres at Pioneer Recreation Sports Centre, Burnside High School, Cowles Stadium, and Rangiora Baptist Church, say they are now fully stocked.



3.10pm: Christchurch welfare centres do not need any more donations of food, bedding or other goods.



3.09pm: Following the cancellation of the Hurricanes and Canterbury Super Rugby match, Kiwis are being encouraged to wear red and black on Saturday. Workplaces including Telecom, Vodafone, ASB Bank, 2degrees and TelstraClear have encouraged staff to wear red and black clothing tomorrow.



3.06pm:  Another, more sophisticated Christchurch earthquake charity email scam is operating, says the Ministry of Consumer Affairs. This email scam is designed to look like it is from the Red Cross and directs people to a fake phishing website where you are asked for credit card details. More information here.



3.05pm: The Prime Minister is meeting with business leaders in Christchurch this afternoon to discuss the economic impact of the quake. John Key says there’s no doubt the impact on businesses will be substantial.
and says there’s still no indication of when the CBD is likely to be up and running.



3.00pm: The Royal New Zealand Ballet will have dancers stationed in the foyer collecting for Red Cross at their opening performance in Wellington tonight.



2.58pm: The number of international search and rescue personnel in Christchurch is now at 300, hailing from four different countries.Further support from the United States and the United Kingdom is due to arrive tonight and tomorrow, boosting numbers by 130.
A field hospital from Australia is on its way and will arrive this afternoon providing an additional 75 beds.



2.57pm: All bookings that were made for Christchurch hostels will receive a full refund tweeted the Christchurch YHA.



2.56pm:  Telecom has partnered with the New Zealand Red Cross the official txt-to-donate fundraising service. Users of all New Zealand mobile networks can text 4419 to make an automatic $3 donation to the Appeal.


2.55: The Ministry of Consumer Affairs warns more scam websites are emerging in the wake of the earthquake. The latest site claims to be a donation site for the Red Cross.



2.53pm: There are now 300 international search and rescue personnel in Christchurch, from four different countries.
Further support from the United States and the United Kingdom are due to arrive tonight and tomorrow, boosting numbers by 130. A field hospital from Australia is on its way and will arrive this afternoon.


2.51pm: For a full list of water stations, go to



2.50pm: The Hollywood reporter reports, Sir Peter Jackson has announced that members of the hobbit film will be on hand to provide practical assistance, “Everyone involved in the production of The Hobbit is shocked and saddened by the earthquake and its devastating aftermath. Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Christchurch and all those affected by this terrible tragedy.”Said Mr Jackson



2.50pm: 90 students and staff from King’s Education Ltd, housed in CTV building are still missing.
Of those 90, 58 were new students, nine were staff  (including managing director Brian Taylor) and ten are from the Toyama Study Group from Japan according to the institution’s website.



2.47pm: Police report that petrol has run out at stations in Kaikoura, Cheviot and Ward



2.45pm: Over $163, 000, in civil defence emergency grants has been piad out to the people of canterbury.



2.44pm:  A plan to send a robot into Greymouth’s Pike River Coal mine again has been put on hold, and will instead be redeployed to Christchurch.
New Zealand Mines Rescue manager Trevor Watts today said a Western Australian team, who were on their way to Greymouth to support the robot operation, had been redirected to Christchurch. The group had specialist camera equipment which could help the quake rescue effort, he said.



2.41pm: GeoNet reports that another aftershock measuring 3.7 on the richter scale hit at 2.18pm, 20km south-east of Christchurch.



2.39pm: John Key says the government is working on a financial package for those affected by the Christchurch earthquake. Cabinet will be discussing the issue on Monday.


2.38pm: An advance team of what will be a 55 person strong search and rescue team is due to arrive in Christchurch from the UK at 4pm. The team is bringing 11 tonnes of equipment.



2.36pm: TVNZ reports that ninety-one Australians have flown home from Christchurch on an Australian Air force plane, and 26 Singapore citizens have been flown home by the Royal Singapore Air Force.
116 Singapore Army personnel who happened to be in New Zealand for an exercise are helping out in Christchurch, mainly manning the cordons in the CBD.



2.35pm: reports that the names of those killed and missing will be released later today, Prime Minister John Key said earlier. However, Mr Key’s staff told the Gallery moments ago that the names of the missing would not be released.



2.33pm: There are nearly 1000 offers of free accommodation on New Zealand classifies site TradeMe, where people leaving Christchurch are welcome to stay.
The link is:



2.32pm:  Health workers are helping to move more than 200 rest home residents to safer accommodation. Some have been taken home by family members with others being moved by the Air Force to facilities around the South Island. Around 20 properties which are home to people with disabilities are uninhabitable, and a number of rest home residents require constant hospital care.



2.30pm: Over 1800 offers of accommodation at! Find or offer accommodation for those who need it



2.30pm:   Air New Zealand has extended its $50 one way airfares from/to Christchurch anywhere on the Air New Zealand domestic network for booking and travel through until midnight Sunday 27th February.



2.29pm: General Practice NZ says no further volunteers required at this stage unless you have additional advanced emergency response skills



2.26pm: For lost or found dogs people can contact Animal Control on:


021-240-8310 or visit, 10, Metro Place – Open 8AM to 6PM.



2.24pm: “The Great Sunday Bakeoff” will be held this  for Wellingtonians to  do their bit for Christchurch. People are being encouraged to gather friends and family and do some baking on Sunday February 27 and drop off goods at Civic Square on Monday between 7-9am.
Organisers are also accepting donations of canned goods and other non-perishable foods.�
The fundraiser is being sponsered by groups such as Habit Health & Fitness, The Interislander, and Digital Tree.



2.15pm:  Defence Minister Wayne Mapp has described Lyttelton as “heavily devastated”, adding that a thousand Lyttelton residents were fed by the Navy last night



2.11pm:  Four bodies were recovered from the CTV building overnight, Superintendent Dave Cliff has said.



2.10pm: 90 students and staff from King’s Education Ltd, housed in CTV building are still missing.
Of those 90, 58 were new students, nine were staff  (including managing director Brian Taylor) and ten are from the Toyama Study Group from Japan according to the institution’s website.



2.04pm: Police report the looting is “absolutely minimal”.



1.58:pm Police have reported that loud noises from aircraft have been
interfering with rescue sensor equipment and have appealed for them to
stay as far away as possible from the CBD.



1.57pm:  The New Zealand Law Society has set up a website to co-ordinate information relevant to the provision of legal services following the Christchurch earthquake. The website  provides news and information received by the Law Society



1.56pm: Police say there are 238 people on the missing persons list, but many of these people will simply have left town.



1.51pm: Superintendent Dave Cliff says it remains a rescue operation



1.50pm: Wellingtonians are being challenged to the Great Sunday Bake-off for Christchurch Quake victims. Baking can be dropped off in between 7am and 9am on Monday morning in Wellington’s Civic Square to then be flown to Christchurch. The promotion information on Facebook states asks home bakers to place the baking in ice cream containers. The email address for the organiser is Website:



1.49pm:  The annual Ellerslie Flower Show has been cancelled. Tickets will be refunded by Ticketek.



1.41pm: Victim identification is relying on DNA and fingerprints because some bodies have been “so severely injured”. There have been instances overseas when distraught relatives have made mistaken visual identification.



1.40pm: CEQgovtnz via Twitter: Extinguish small fires ONLY if it is safe to do so. Fire is a significant hazard following earthquakes.



1.33pm:  Some 238 people on complete list of missing people, say police. Death toll at 76



1.24pm: Supt Dave Cliff says there may be 120 bodies in the CTV building



1.28pm: A benefit concert will be held at the Porirua campus of Whitireia NZ Polytech tomorrow (Friday). The concert is being staged by the Whitireia Independent Student’s Association and Whitireia Music department for the Christchurch Earthquake Relief Fund. It will run from midday to 6pm on the field by the music department, Wineera Drive, Porirua. Entry is by Gold Coin Donation and the ASB bank will be there to collect donations. There will be food vendors, great entertainment and those attending are urged to wear red and black if you can.



1.20pm: Superintendent Dave Cliff says names of the #eqnz victims will start to be released at 4pm today.


1.20pm: US President Barack Obama called NZ PM John Key today to express “deep condolences over the devastating earthquake that struck Christchurch, New Zealand, on February 22, and to reaffirm the offer of American assistance as New Zealand recovers,” according to a US Embassy media release.




1.13pm: Superintendent Dave Cliff adresses the media.



1.05pm: The Christchurch City Council has tweeted their call centre is not currently operational. They will advise when it is back up and running.



1.05pm: Some 76 in the morgue at the moment, more to come.



1.00pm: Police Minister Judith Collins has described scenes of utter devastation. “I’ve never seen anything like it.”



12.58pm: Chief Coroner Neil MacLean says contingency plans are in place to ensure the coronial system can cope with the death toll



12:54pm: NZ Herald reports that Police are threatening earthquake sightseers with arrest – now is not the time for rubbernecking



12.52pm: Housing New Zealand is contacting its most at-risk tenants in Christchurch to see if they’re ok. Housing Minister Phil Heatley says a log is being kept of calls from tenants reporting minor damage.



12.50pm: Inland Revenue’s Christchurch office was damaged in the quake, but Revenue Minister Peter Dunne says staff are making sure people are not being harassed for payments and are getting the payments they need.



12:48pm: St Johns Bar, along the water front in Wellington are donating $1 per drink to the Christchurch rellief fund.



12: 45pm: Urban Search And Rescue have set up grid based search pattern, focusing on collapsed buildings, not just ones focused on by media. But other buildings that have suffered damage as well. – interview on TVNZ feed.


12:42pm: Mayor Bob Parker announces that there will be a police brief at 12:45pm.



12:38pm: reports that there are queues of up to a kilometre at Petrol stations in christchurch as panic buying continues.



12:33pm: Vodafone’s network is largely operational with only 14 sites down, mostly due to lack of power. At least two have physical damage which will take some time to restore. Generators are keeping sites working.



12.30pm: US President Barack Obama called Prime Minister John key talking briefly about the disaster in Christchurch. Obama also offered further help to NZ if it was needed.


12.29pm: The father of a six year old boy tweeted that his son grabbed his tools and said he wanted to “help fix Christchurch.” The boy estimated it would take him 97 days.



12.29pm: Navy has set up 3 soup kitchens in Lyttleton – from TVNZ live feed



12.27pm: Google, has launched the Christchurch crisis response site.
It has maps of the earthquake and affected sites, realtime updates from Twitter and other social networking sites and Youtube clips.


It contains links to the Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management’s website.



12.26pm: TradeMe has launched a Christchurch Earthquake Support site yesterday which lists offerings of emergency accommodation, transport, labour and any pets lost or found into handy categories.
12.25pm: TVNZ reports that Saturday’s trial between the Warriors and Manly will be dedicated to Christchurch. North Harbour Stadium has announced all profits from the match will be donated to the Red Cross appeal for Christchurch.



12.24pm: Prime Minister John Key said Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee was to give up his other portfolios to concentrate on the quake recovery.
Simon Power would take over as Leader of the House, David Carter would become acting Minister for Economic Developement, and Hekia Parata was to become acting Minister of Energy and Resources, said Mr Key.



12.23pm:  A benefit concert is to be held at the ASB Showgrounds, in
Greenlane, Auckland  tomorrow. All proceeds to go to Christchurch



12.22pm: Saturday’s trial between the Warriors and Manly will be dedicated to Christchurch. North Harbour Stadium has announced all profits from the match will be donated to the Red Cross appeal for Christchurch.



12.21pm: The Dalai Lama has expressed shock and sadness over the quake.
In a message from his home in Dharamsala, India, the Dalai Lama said he had fond memories of visiting Christchurch in 1996.
“His Holiness expressed his deeply felt condolences to the families of the deceased and prayed for the well-being of those who have been injured or lost their homes, with the hope that normal life is restored soon,” the message said.



12.18pm: Two members of a Japanese media crew were arrested last night after trying to gain access to Christchurch Hospital but have since been released.
A spokeswoman from Canterbury District Health Board said the two people were intercepted by security yesterday evening and arrested by police.
They were allegedly trying to gain access to Japanese victims of the quake.
Hospital staff have described the incident as ”disappointing”.



12.15pm:  Glen Coburn from St John Ambulance said the service is coping quite well with the current workload. St John is getting assistance from other areas and has over 40 ambulances operating, as well as 20 support vehicles and helicopters.



12.14pm: An Australian 75-bed army field hospital is due to arrive this afternoon.



12.13pm:  Te Kohanga Reo National Trust has set up a drop off point for kai (food supplies) which will then be transported to venues around the Wellington area to help Christchurch evacuees.



12.12pm:  Te Taura Whiri i te Reo Maori called a hui yesterday to discuss assistance to people affected by the Christchurch quake on Tuesday and Te Puni Kokiri head office has opened its doors to accept emergency supplies to help those affected by the earthquake.



12.10pm: World Cup is safe- Rugby New Zealand 2011 chief executive Snedden says there has been speculation that this tragedy puts the entire event in jeopardy or that matches will relocate to Australia. “Rest assured, RWC 2011 will proceed and all matches will take place in
New Zealand”



12.09pm: The two children featured on the Dominion Post front page holding vigil for their mother, who is missing inside the devastated CTV building, have been dealt a double blow.  The home of Donna Manning and her two children, 15-year-old Kent and Elizabeth (Libby), 18, has been burgled.

12.07pm:  Rescuers have started pulling bodies from from the collaped CTV building.


12.06pm: The Pipitea Marae in Thorndon and Te Raukura, the new wharewaka on the Wellington waterfront, have been opened up to accommodate people who are leaving Christchurch today to escape the aftermath of yesterday’s earthquake



12.05pm: NZ Herald reports that FIFA president Sepp Blatter has sent a letter of support to New Zealand Football chairman Frank van Hattum following the Christchurch earthquake.



12.05pm: Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker is expecting a report on whether there is a possibility of restraining the grand chancellor hotel to prevent what could be the same effect of another strong earthquake if it collapses.



12.00pm:  The Christchurch Hosptial’s neo-natal unit is full.



11.58: There are concerns about the vulnerable in society, particularly the aged some of whom have been moved to other residential care facilities.



11.50am: Arise church has put out a message over twitter asking people to bring in 20 litre water containers, long life milk, instant noodles and spreads like jam and peanut butter.



11.54am: Mayor Bob Parker urges residents to stay off roads, saying “If you’ve got a bike this is a day you should use it,”



11.53am:  Associate Professor Tadashi Jimbo, head of the Toyama College of Foreign Languages in Japan, was interviewed this morning on Radio NZ Morning Report. He voiced the ‘frustration and irritation’ that parents of the 10 students still missing are expressing. “It has been half a day and not a single information trickled down,” he said.



11:52: Doctor and pharmacy charges have been wiped to ensure people are accessing services. Meates says it is important the public doesn’t sit back and wait



11:51: Auckland Council has voted in support of giving $1.5 million to Christchurch and ongoing staff support over the next year.  About 100 Auckland staff are already in Christchurch helping with earthquake relief.



11:50am: Police have arrived at Cressy Tce in Lyttelton telling residents to prepare for possible evacuation because of potential rockfalls.



11:46am: Prime Minister John Key said it would only  a small number of names will annouced today as some families are not comfortable yet with their loved ones’ names being released.  Mr Key said there  was international protocol that police had to go through before the details of foreign nationals can be released.



11.44am: Three TelstraClear generators in Christchurch were stolen overnight, a spokesperson told the National Business Review. The generators were powering road side cabinets that fed TelstraClear’s landline and broadband customers.



11.42: Reports form social media site Facebook of foreign news reporters attempting to break into Christchurch hospital to interview the injured.



11.41am:  The language school housed inside the CTV building has released a list of the names of people affected by the earthquake, and their current reported status.



11.35am: Christchurch hospital has treated over 431 people since the earthquake



11.31am: Bob Hamilton has been appointed national controller for the response operation



11.30am:  Names of some victims will be released at some time today. Police are going through the process of identifying victims and notifying next of kin. They are still working on the missing persons list.



11.28am: TV One has a sign language translator on screen


11.20am: Body recovery now focus – Effort now focusing on recovery of bodies rather than the rescue of survivors



11.18am: The weekly politicians’ debate televised at the Backbencher hotel in Wellington,  was cancelled last night due to TVNZ requiring all camera equipment to be available in Christchurch.



11:18: Rescue teams have pulled out of their search of the Pyne Gould building in central Christchurch because of concerns about the building’s safety.



11:17am:  Airport staff are doing all they can to assist people who lost their passports and luggage in the quake. They are cancelling flights around the country to concentrate on getting people out of Christchurch.



11.16am: Unfortunately rescuers found no evidence when they returned to


the CTV site. Teams continue to search the CBD using a grid system


11.12am: Christchurch Earthquake: CTV reporter with HB connections describes being 10 minutes from death.


11.10am: Buses will taking media this afternoon around Christchurch hot spots which have been cordorned off


11.05am: Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker has confirmed contact with a person at the Holy Cross Chapel site


11.00am: Mayor is encouraging people to leave Christchurch if they want to, as long as they do so safely and responsibly.


10.58am: Body bags are being brought onto the CTV building site.


10.55am: TVNZNews/ TVNZ News twitter-
71 confirmed dead in Chch, numberof missing unknown – Carter.


10.53am: International teams are deployed to suburban areas.


10.51am: Aftershocks continue to hit Christchurch.


10.48am: The SPCA says hundreds of animals have been displaced by the quake.


10.47am: The Ministry of Civil Defence & Emergency Management is stressing that cash donations are the best way to support people affected by the quake.


10.44am: Hundreds of people, including tourists, are choosing to get out of Christchurch.


10.40am: has just been launched. Matching who can help with who needs help.


10:33: From the Newstalk ZB twitter feed: “Important #eqnz contact numbers and details about appeals are on our website –


10.32am: Police are urging Canterbury to take care of one another as the district experiences an increase of domestic incidents following the quake.


10.29: NewsWire newsroom are unable to message from their Twitter due to internet delays.


10.21am: Search and rescue staff are responding to signs of life at a site in Christchurch’s CBD.


10.20am: Rescuers have failed to find anyone alive after reports of a survivor sparked a frantic search of an inner city chapel this morning.


10.18am: Canterbury students are expected to be out in large numbers today to help their fellow citizens. In just over 24 hours, 10,000 people have joined the Facebook group  “StudentVolunteerArmy”


10.15am: Twitter reports: Water being handed out on Colombo St (opp Mitre 10 Sydenham). Second truck on it’s way 10:09am


10.14am: Prime Minister John Key says the death toll from Christchurch’s devastating earthquake will rise and New Zealand must brace itself.


10.12am: Australian website Adelaide now reports:  A VOICE has been heard in the rubble as rescuers race against time to save hundreds of people trapped in buildings in Christchurch.

10.00am: Whitireia Polytechnic, and Whitireia Independent Students Association will be hosting a benefit fundraiser for Christchurch on Friday February 25th


9.59: 22 people missing in the Cathedral are thought to be dead


9.57am: The British Red Cross has said over twitter they will be accepting donations


9.46am: There have been over 19 aftershocks that has hit Christchurch in the past 24 hours.
The last one was at 5.43 this morning measuring 3.1 on the Richter scale.


9.46am: There have been over 19 aftershocks that has hit Christchurch in the past 24 hours. The last one was at 5.43 this morning measuring 3.1 on the Richter scale.




9:49am – Telecom is running a campaign to collect analogue landline phones from around the country to distribute to people in Christchurch without power who only have cordless landline phones which are reliant on power.




9.46am: Police and rescuers are now moving into the suburbs of Christchurch to assist with  search operations following Tuesday’s 6.3 magnitude earthquake.
Defence minister John Carter has confirmed 72 dead and as many as 300 missing.




9.39am:  From Telecom New Zealand’s twitter feed: “free WiFi hotspots @ Telecom Riccarton Mall, Cafe Zero Cashmere Road  and Westpac Centre Addington”


9.34am:  Callers to the Wellington City Council are being advised that offers of emergency accommodation are no longer required.


9.17am: The New Zealand Flag flew at half-mast above the Beehive this morning at the request of Prime Minister, John Key. This request applies to all Government and public buildings until further notice.


11.20am: The Star Canterbury reports that several foreign embassies have set up temporary facilities at Auckland International Airport helping tourists trying to get home, and those whose passports and belongings are left behind in Christchurch hotel rooms.


The President noted a US search and rescue team was on its way to New Zealand, and said the US was ready to provide whatever further support was needed. “The President underscored the close and enduring friendship between the American people and the people of New Zealand.” 


He said the package would be different from the one created after the September earthquake as central Christchurch could be out of action for a “considerable period of time”.


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