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Monday, 25 March 2019 11:48 pm

QUAKE day 4: Death toll tops 100

Feb 25th, 2011 | By | Category: Featured Article, Front Page Layout, News

NewsWire reporters monitor media coverage of the Christchurch earthquake emergency. NICOLE BENNIK edited their work:

To recap 4:30pm:

  • The Crusaders’ first two home games of the Super Rugby season will be held in Nelson.
  • Potable water is now back to 50% of the city, and that will continue to rise over the weekend.
  • All staff and students from Aoraki Polytechnic’s Christchurch Campus are confirmed to have made it out safely.
  • ‘Young hoons’ are horrifying councilors by speeding around southern suburbs and abusing people they come across.

4.24pm: Holy Trinity Cathedral, Parnell, Auckland will mark a minutes silence at 12.51pm at a Service of Support next Tuesday, 1 March at 12.30pm reports the Parnell Inc website.

4:19pm:TVNZ reports that donations into the ANZ-National Bank earthquake relief fund have passed the $1 million mark. BNZ has raised over $440,000 for its Red Cross appeal, in addition to the $1 milion the bank has pledged.

4:12pm: A 1km Ocean swim will be held tommorow at Milford beach reserve on Auckland’s North Shore, starting at 8am. Sign-ups starts at 7:30am and only cash donations will be accepted. all donations to the Christchurch earthquake appeal.

3.58pm: Musician Dave Dobbyn has given an impromptu performance at the Pioneer Welfare Centre.

3.40pm: The Crusaders’ first two home games of the Super Rugby season against the Waratahs and Brumbies will be held at Nelson’s Trafalgar Park.

3.36pm: Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee says potable water is now back to 50% of the city, and that will continue to rise over the weekend.

3:41pm: Social media is being used to provide much-needed aid, reports NewWire’s Siena Yates.

3.46pm: All staff and students from Aoraki Polytechnic’s Christchurch Campus are confirmed to have made it out safely after the earthquake. The Moorhouse Ave building is attached to the Christchurch clock tower, which was damaged in the September quake and caused concern for the safety of students and staff.

3:40pm: NewsWire’s Abby Brown explains how an engagement party saved a life.

3:39pm: Despite the trauma of the quake, at least one University student wants to return to Christchurch, reports NewsWire’s Siena Yates.

3:25pm: Newstalk ZB reports that Jim Anderton is horrified by the actions of what he calls young hoons, racing around the streets in the southern suburbs and abusing anyone who gets in their way. He is appealing for them to get their brains into gear and realise that the city is facing a serious crisis and not treat it like a tourist sightseeing area.

To recap 3:30pm:

  • The Cowles Stadium welfare centre is being shut down due to hygiene concerns.
  • A law change is needed to cancel this year’s census.
  • Community laundry facilities have been set up.
  • Residents have been told to stay away from the Avon and Heathcote rivers.
  • The police website is experiencing difficulties due to heavy traffic
  • More residents are being evacuated from Sumner.

3:24pm: Geotech jobs is looking to recruit seismic experts and structural engineers.

3.23pm: Residents of Sumner are being evacuated over concerns more rocks could fall from cliffs above. Fire Service members are asking residents in the area to leave their properties.

3:18pm: NewsWire’s Courtnay Fafeita reports that posters with information on how to support Christchurch are being displayed around Wellington.

2:59pm: Cellphone network 2degrees has announced that customers can now use their phones.

2.53pm Councillor Sue Wells has described the Avon and Heathcote rivers as ‘open sewers’. Residents are reminded to stay away from the rivers. More than 40 tankers with water are providing water in key locations while the Army is installing water purification plants around the area.

2:52pm: A law change will need to take place in order for this year’s census to be cancelled, Statistics New Zealand says. Under the Statistics Act 1975, the census must be held sometime in 2011. The census was scheduled to take place on March 8, but was today cancelled in the wake of Tuesday’s devastating quake in Christchurch.

2:49pm: Police have tweeted that their website is unavailable to some users due to a heavy load of traffic. Twitter users reported the site had stopped working several times since the quake.

2.45pm: Stuff reports that the council has distributed 780 portaloos around the city, and another 1200 are coming from NZ and the US.

2.40pm: Fisher & Paykel appliances has set up two community laundry facilities for Christchurch. They hope to open more sites soon.

2.35pm: St John is supporting over 400 people at five welfare centres. There is 131 St John staff on the ground in Christchurch, who have come from around New Zealand to assist.

2.31pm: NZ Herald reports that the welfare centre at Cowles Stadium is being shut down at 4pm because of concerns over hygiene and diseases breaking out. The 378 people at the welfare centre would be transported by bus to welfare centres in Rangiora and Rolleston.

To recap 2:30pm:

  • The national state of emergency is likely to continue for some weeks.
  • Weather is likely to hamper rescue efforts as rain is expected.
  • The cost of rebuilding Christchurch will be more than $10b.
  • CTV staff are gathering together today to support each other.
  • In excess of 250,000 insurance claims are expected for both quakes.
  • Christchurch airport is open for all flights.
2:20pm: Christchurch Airport is open for all international and domestic flights, reports Newstalk ZB. Red Cross flights from Christchurch are continuing for people travelling internationally who have either misplaced or lost their passport.
2:15pm: Caffe L’affare has announced that all proceeds from their College St Cafe this Sunday will go toward the Christchurch earthquake appeal.
1:51pm: Newstalk ZB report that CTV staff are getting together today to support each other. Nine people from CTV were either out of the building at the time, or on days off. 17 people did not make it out. CTV operations manager Sheri Ward says management has been in touch with families of those who have not made it out. “We’re staying in contact. We’re supporting each other. Some of the ex-staff and staff that are still here are meeting today – one of the girls has got an open home at her place and everybody is doing as much as they can to support each other,” she says.
1.46pm: Radio NZ report damage to four high-voltage underground electricity cables in Bromley is hampering repairs to Christchurch’s power system.

1.40pm: Earthquake Response Minister Gerry Brownlee confirms the national state of emergency is likely to continue for some weeks. He says the cost of rebuilding Christchurch will be more than $10 billion.

1.35pm: In excess of 250,000 insurance claims are expected for both quakes, reports TVNZ. Earthquake Response Minister Gerry Brownlee says this will be one of the biggest insurance events in the world.

1:33pm: NewsWire’s  Cathy Romeyn reports Pipitea Marae is housing 70 evacuted tourists and has room for 130 more.

1:32pm: Expected rain has the potential for further destabilise dangerous building and masonry.Police say the weather may impact the Urban search and rescue operations around Christchurch and residents are reminded to stay off the roads.

To recap 1:30pm:

  • Phone networks are largely up and running.
  • Murray Mccully has said the rescue phase is coming to an end.
  • Arrests have been made for burglary, theft and disorder.
  • Rescuers say there is no sign of life at the Cathedral.
  • There are 20 nationalities caught up in the tragedy.

1:21pm: Murray McCully, has said the rescue phase is drawing to a conclusion.

1.16pm: There is continuing disorder around the city and arrests have been made for burglary and theft also. TVNZ have reported that Superintendent Dave Cliff said that rescue staff are operating in highly dangerous and volatile situations and the risks are being continually reassessed.

12.52pm: Phone networks are largely back up and running. Vodafone coverage is attainable for most parts of Christchurch, but there are a few black spots in the east. All Telecom exchanges are operational and all pay phones in Christchurch are free for domestic calls.

12.51pm: From Twitter: Rescuers have said there’s no sign of life at the cathedral – “We put a camera in before but there was nothing. No sound, nothing.”

12.45pm: Stuff reports that one NZ Post employee has died in the quake, and several others are missing.

12.46pm: Vodafone has a truck at Hornby Mall in Christchurch  equipped with handsets, chargers, car chargers, WiFi & other equipment to assist people.

12.45pm: Superintendent Dave Cliff estimates there could be around 20 nationalities caught up in the tragedy. TVNZ reports police are working to keep embassies, diplomats and other staff informed about missing foreigners.

12.41pm: Stuff have added a comment section on their missing people website for messages to be left under the photos of the people featured: LINK

To recap 12:30pm:

  • Australians are among bogus officials trying to scam Christchurch residents.
  • The concerns for the Hotel Grand Chancellor have eased.
  • Army water treatment units are turning sea water into fresh water.
  • An Auckland councillor estimates that the state of emergency will be in place for around six weeks.
  • Around 80 per cent of Christchurch should have power tonight.
  • Operations at the PCG and CTV buildings are continuing.
  • Lyttleton tunnel will be closed until Saturday afternoon.

12:23pm: Civil defence has tweeted that Lyttleton tunnel will be closed until Saturday afternoon.

12:19pm: The ANZ 2011 Canterbury Earthquake Appeal now totals more than $700,000. This includes donations from members of the public to ANZ and National Bank branches and also staff donations.

12:11pm: BP Oil NZ will be matching dollar for dollar all donations made to victims of the Christchurch earthquake through its Wild Bean cafes and BP Connect stores.

12.07pm: Major operations at the PGC and CTV buildings are continuing on a regular basis, a spokesman has said. The Fire service says checking for any possible life is still a priority as it also supports its own staff who have welfare issues of their own.

12:01pm: TVNZ reports that the immediate danger of the Hotel Grand Chancellor collapsing appears to have eased. Surveys show the hotel has now stabilised, having not moved for two days. A 90-metre cordon remains in place around the area and regular measurements of the hotel’s movements are being monitored.

11:52am: Sydney Morning Herald reports that Australians are among bogus officials who are going door-to-door in quake-struck Christchurch scouting out appliances to steal from stressed and vulnerable locals.

11.51am: NZ Herald reports a looter stealing a Pearl drum set was caught red-handed by police this morning near a music store in Blenheim Road, Christchurch. The looter had got just 15 metres before being caught by police and arrested. The looter smashed the store’s front window to gain entry.

11.50am: Stuff reports that Army water treatment units are turning sea water into fresh water, producing 2000 litres an hour.

11:45am: Auckland councillor Michael Goudie estimates that the state of emergency will be in place for around six weeks.

11:35am: NewsWire’s Greg Ford speaks to a Johnsonville family who were split up as members escaped Christchurch city following the quake.

To recap 11:30am:

  • The death toll has been revised to 113.
  • Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard is encouraging Aussies to holiday in New Zealand.
  • Wellingtonians are being asked to wear red and black this Saturday.
  • Police are asking residents to be wary of scammers, and to ask officials for ID.
  • Residents are being reminded to boil water as gastro illnesses will put a strain on health services.
  • Telecom are collecting donated corded phones.

11:29am: Kapiti police are alerting people to a fraudster claiming to be a Christchurch Earthquake victim.

11.25am: NZ Herald reports that more than 50 per cent of the city has water connections, while all areas have water supplies. 75 per cent of the city has power, and that figure should rise to 80 per cent tonight. Overhead power lines will have to be built in the eastern suburbs from Bromley to Brighton. Construction will start tomorrow and should be finished in a week.

11:20am: Christchurch residents are in need of corded phones. Telecom are collecting donated phones to send to the devastated city.

11:15am: NZ Herald has reported on Twitter that several more bodies are being brought out from the remains of the CTV building.

11:11am: Two men arrested for stealing emergency power generators have appeared in court.

11.12am: Orion is aiming to have 80 per cent of power back on tonight. Roger Sutton says damage to the Bromley substation 66,000 volt underground cable network is a major issue. Orion is building an emergency 3km overhead line from Bromley to Brighton from scratch.

11.10am: Stuff reports that the Canterbury District Health Board are urging residents to continue boiling water as gastro illnesses will put a strain on health services.

10.55am: Police have revised the Christchurch earthquake death toll, saying it has risen to 113.

10.47am: Medical centres are running as normal. Mayor Bob Parker says the council are focussing on supplying medical facilities and pharmacies.

10:43am: Civil Defence director John Hamilton has reassured Christchurch residents that the city will not run out of food or fuel. He says their focus is primarily on the urban search and rescue mission and the welfare and wellbeing of people.

10.40am: Police are warning Christchurch residents to ask for ID as scammers are impersonating officals.

10:38am: NewsWire’s Greg Ford reports that Wellingtonians are being called to wear red and black at Hurricanes versus Crusaders match this Saturday.

10.33am: Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard is telling Australians to holiday in New Zealand. She says she’s sure Australians will want to keep supporting New Zealanders and that includes taking their holiday dollars to Aotearoa.

To recap 10:30am:

  • The death toll from Tuesday’s earthquake stands at 103, with 228 people missing.
  • It is confirmed that census will not go ahead on March 8.
  • John Key is confident that the Government can pay for the disaster.
  • Mayor Bob Parker has announced the Christchurch Cathedral will be rebuilt.
  • Christchurch airport is fully operational.

DEATH TOLL UPDATE 10:21am: NZPA announces via twitter that the death toll from Tuesday’s earthquake stands at 103, with 228 people missing.

10.20am: The Earthquake Commission maintains it’s AAA rating by Standard & Poor’s despite the huge costs of the Christchurch earthquake.

10:16am: TVNZ reports that Christchurch airport is fully operational. Air New Zealand and Qantas will be supplying more wide-bodied aircraft to help clear backlogs from Christchurch airport today. Airport CEO Jim Boult says Air NZ is putting on two 747 and a 777. Qantas is bringing over two 737-800 aircraft with police and rescue personnel on board.

10.15am: Stuff reports that prostitutes were back on the streets in Christchurch last night but were being shuffled from the cordoned CBD.

10:13am: John Key says he is confident that the Government can pay for the disaster, depite the Earthquake Commission fund having been cleaned out.

10:11am: Mayor Bob Parker has announced the Christchurch Cathedral, which lost its spire in the quake, will be rebuilt.

10:05am: The government has confirmed that the census will not go ahead on March 8. “This is not the time to go door to door asking New Zealanders for information when they’re dealing with the aftermath of the earthquake,” says Statistics Minister Maurice Williamson.“It’s unthinkable that we would ask this of people. It would be an unfair burden and distraction at a time when they are grieving.” The last time a census was cancelled was during World War II in 1941.

10:04am: Facebook and twitter users have been appealing to Lotto to donate this week’s jackpot to quake relief. A Lotteries Commission spokeswoman says legally they can’t divert the prize pool, but they are working out other ways to help.

10.03am: Dame Kiri Te Kanawa told TVNZ she would encourage people at her Perth concert tomorrow night to contribute to the Red Cross Christchurch earthquake appeal. Two weeks ago she performed in a charity concert in Christchurch to help raise funds for the Christchurch Symphony and Southern Opera.  She says she is deeply saddened by the earthquake and its aftermath.

To recap 10.00am:

  • 111 is fully operational.
  • All elective surgery at Christchurch Hospital has been postponed until at least March 7.
  • Red Cross staff will be going door-to-door today to check on people in the suburbs.
  • Engineers are removing debris from Christchurch Cathedral to free the 22 bodies buried inside.
  • There will be up to 600 search and rescue staff on the ground by this evening.

9:39am: All elective surgery at Christchurch Hospital has been postponed until at least March 7.

9.35am: Bob Parker is optimistic that with 600 search and rescue staff expected to be on the ground this evening more people will be found alive. He is reiterating people need to take care of themselves. “We can’t control the weather but you can control your own exposure to these conditions.”

9.30am: Wellington Cathedral of St Paul has announced on their website that a vigil Service will be held on Tuesday 1 March at 12.30pm.  All are welcome.

9.27am: TVNZ reports that St John continues to transport patients to locations outside of Christchurch including Auckland, Hamilton and Rotorua. The emergency ambulance communications centre in Christchurch remains closed. All South Island calls are being handled by Christchurch staff who have relocated to the communication centre in Auckland.

9.20am: Around 80 teams will be going door-to-door today to check on people in the suburbs. Red Cross Spokesman David Neal says staff will now be putting their energy into Project Suburbs. He says there are a lot of people who are alone and isolated in their homes.

9.15am: The 111 system is fully operational and the Fire Service is ready to respond despite the lack of reticulated water. “We’re well resourced and have more people here than we’ve ever had,” Ross Ditmar, Area Commander from the Fire Service says.

9.05am: reports engineers are to begin removing debris from Christchurch Cathedral to free the 22 bodies believed buried inside.

8.49am: A Japanese rugby final in Tokyo this weekend will invite the crowd to make donations to support the people of Christchurch. It is also planned that the former All Black and current Japan national coach, John Kirwan, will address the crowd at halftime.


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