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QUAKE: What’s on Twitter

Feb 24th, 2011 | By | Category: Front Page Layout, Latest News, Multimedia, News

HERE’S what is being said by tweeters in New Zealand and round the world (using the hashtag #eqnz on the social networking site Twitter:)


@DailyYomiuri  3:25pm: Family members of Japanese students studying in #Christchurch have arrived in NZ. Pic: #nzeq

@WendyLiane  3:24pm: Wat should be the punishment for #christchurchlooters #nzquake

@CEQgovtnz  3:19pm: Check on neighbours, friends and family in your local area. If someone is not coping offer them help. #eqnz #chch

@SeniorsResource  3:14pm: Beds reopened for evacuees: A closed section of a Nelson rest home has been reopened to accommodate elderly resi…

@operationSAFE  3:12pm: Avoid Fatigue – Pray, meditate, have a small group discussion with others who care #eqnz #opsafe

@DamonNZ 3:00pm: Back on board getting ready for a special edition of Te Karare at 4, then continuous live #eqnz coverage again at 4.30 through the evening.

@ExecSpeak 3:00pm: Guardian News: ‘Slim chance’ of more NZ survivors: Emergency services continue earthquake rescue efforts but no …

@OfficiallyAKiwi  2:59pm: Official death toll still stands at 113. #eqnz #chch

@nzherald  2:59pm: Christchurch City council says the welfare centre at Cowles Stadium will close at 4pm due to concerns about sanitation #eqnz

@isurveysoft  2:58pm: iSURVEY is giving half our revenue to Red Cross CHCH fund for month of March… feel for those poor people #eqnz #chch #nz

@kendallforbes  2:57pm: Roses are red the chalice is blue The cathedral has fallen many buildings have too You can rattle our bones, you can rip streets apart #eqnz

AotearoaAmy  2:57pm: I wish I could just perform the Reparo charm on Christchurch. Would solve so much. #eqnz

@acc_nz_govt  14:56pm: Language Line (translation service) is operating extended hours and will be available tomorrow from 9am-2pm. Call 0800 101 996 #chch #eqnz

@sezza22  14:54pm: Looking for a generator for the Linwood area so we can open our shop up #eqnz

@weirdandwhacky  2:53pm: Big ups to fulton hogan and city care for all the hard work they are doing to get silt cleared and water working. Thankx. #eqnz

@ChaisMum  2:52pm: The TVNZ livestream is overloaded. #eqnz

@MCCGSMediaGroup  2:51pm: Our prayers go out to all in Christchurch NZ at this time. Those passed away, those survived, those who are helping. We pray for strength.

@akihito_s09  2:49pm: Please RT #eqnz #chch looking for Kyoko kawahata a Japanese student, age 20, black hair. Please let me know about her. She may be in CTV

@rgoodchild  2:49pm: people are reaching the end of their adrenaline store. watch for people crashing. keep eating and drinking. rest when you can. #eqnz

@reuvenim  2:44pm: No offence to victims, but isn’t the destruction of Christchurch’s cathedral in an act of god a sign or something?

@EarthquakeChCh  2:41pm: Animal Control #EQNZ #CHCH #NZquake

@jeremybank  2:39pm: Just txt dad to see how things are going. He’s always been adamant of staying in Chch. He’s now looking for an “exist strategy” 🙁 #eqnz

@AM46ICHI  2:34pm: We are praying for ever international student’s safe return home and people who live NZ’s safe!!

@WhitireiaCampus  2:31pm: D.J. Raw taking the stage now, ChCh benefit gig, Whitireia campus Porirua, bring coins to donate #eqnz

@JayBear_Mix100  2:30pm: My parents were in Christchurch NZ 20 hours before the earthquake hit. It’s made them pause to realize just how lucky they are.

@Tod_Johnston  2:28pm: RT @Mr_Madness: KUDOS @NZredcross @SafeinChch @CEQgovtnz @Giapo @UrgentCouriers @TradeMe @TVNZnews @3NewsNZ @JohnKeyPM #BobParker @flyAirNZ @TelecomNZ #eqnz

@amazingginamus  2:26pm: i’ve two cousins living in Christchurch, NZ- the news didnt hit home til i realized they live there. i’m glad no pinoys were hurt or killed.

@iamwillboyle  2:25pm: #RT Reunited after the quake: mother and child: When the Christchurch quake struck mum-of-four Vicki Anderson th…

@theburgerman  2:24pm: #CHCH is being inspected/buttressed so bodies of estimated 22 inside can be recovered. #EQNZ

@dotnz  2:23pm: Just got word a friends 3 yr old granddaughter killed by falling #eqnz masonry. Puts it in perspective. Buildings replaceable people not.

C_hris_Tina_  2:22pm: RT @zmonline: After overnight transactions, @BNZBank and the #ZMtweetathon raised over a quarter MILLION dollars yesterday for #eqnz!

Keri_little  2:18pm: hey @redbullnz you got a crew down in Christchurch dishing out your shots to all those young students? lol #eqnz

@rnzgallerychris  2:17pm: RT @EQCNZ: It’s cold and raining in Christchurch, if you need emergency repairs call us 0800 DAMAGE (0800 326 243) #eqnz #chch

@NZTopModelColin 2:16pm: RT @ericalloyd: Please RT Ian Nixon’s colleagues in Akl are worried about him.If u have any news about him please let me know & I’ll pass it on. #eqnz #chch

@PeteZeed  2:16pm: Christchurch earthquake – The Big Picture –

itti_bitti  2:15pm: We have worked out the details for our huge fundraiser for the victims of the Christchurch earthquake… We will…

@CEQgovtnz  2:12pm: WATER: tanker delivery times and locations for Friday 25 February 2011 are available here: #eqnz #chch

@TelcoKT  2:11pm: Of course the Lotteries Commission cannot donate the $15m Powerball to Christchurch. But if I win it I will. #boldstatements #chch #eqnz

@OtagoNZ  2:08pm: Over 1000 Army Personel In Christchurch For Relief Effort: The New Zealand Defence Force is continuing with its.

@H3LL0HANNI  2:06pm: In support of #REDANDBLACK #EQNZ #CHCH im dressed like a Jafa-Cantab. one love. x

@LinCongkai  2:00pm: Emergency team in NZ, please don’t give up. And those trap, I pray that you have strength to where ever you are and survive. Help is coming.

@RyanAngus  1:51pm: Two little girls playing violins busking for the #ChCh #EQNZ. Now that’s a winning combo

@AkldTheatreCo  1:51pm: Just a reminder: proceeds from Feb 27 performance of Well Hung will go to The Court in Chch. Txs still available #eqnz

@1st_thort_2day  1:49pm: Kiwi of the Year – Bob Parker!! If he doesn’t recieve the credit he deserves, the system is “seriously munted”! #eqnz #kiwiana #chch

@hopeglorynz  1:48pm: On Monday Feb 28 all revenue from food & beverage purchases onboard all Fullers ferry services will be donated to the Red Cross! #eqnz

@vintagekidsnz  1:46pm: Hi friends, thanks for your thoughts and prayers. It is just awful down here in Chch. I guess this will be pretty…

@kjrothwell  1:44pm: Mum reports she has power, water and can now flush her toilet. Bliss, she says. #bulletdodged #eqnz

@scnutter  1:43pm: US FRIENDS who want to help those affected by NZ earthquake check this! RT@wrumsby #chcheq

@ThomasTheSpider  1:39pm: @safia_ hey hun wish I wasnt here in chch. But at least we got water and can use toilet now. Working from home via laptop & XT. How r u?

@tigermty  1:38pm: My deepest condolences to the People of beautiful New Zealand and particulary to the city of Christchurh@ChristchuchCC

@NZclc  1:34pm: Great to see how many NZ companies have gone #redandblack to show their support for ChCh – that’s a big O for Awesome! #eqnz

@eliseb93  1:30pm: Only in NZ would the mayor describe the broken sewage system as “seriously munted” 🙂 #EQNZ

@safeinchch  1:31pm: If you are safe, or had direct contact with safe loved ones, pse report to officials. NZ: 0800 733 276 International : +64 785 02199 #eqnz

@bobbymaddatu 1:29pm: pls pray for the safety of my friend’s brother, JK Chua, still trapped in the rubble of the recent New Zealand earthquake.

@HawkesBayToday  1:24pm: Christchurch Earthquake: City running out of medicine says pharmacist. #eqnz #christchurch

@AUTuni  1:21pm: AUT rocking the #RedandBlack and sending waves of love to our Canterbury family #eqnz

@imation_nz  1:21pm: Fuel supplies are struggling to meet demand, could mean shortages until normal supplies can be resumed from Lyttelton. #eqnz #chch

@Naveyaandsloane  1:14pm: @TelethonForChCh is going to be a MASSIVE help for our people in Christchurch #eqnz #chch lets make this happen!

@kiwifrenzy  1:10pm: Lastly, to those criminals who have looted and burgled empty houses & done other despicable things, I hope you all rot in hell. #eqnz

@kiwifrenzy  1:09pm: What an amazing job all NZ media have done covering this disaster, especially the local reporters who experienced the quake. #eqnz

@CEQgovtnz  1:08pm: WATER : for water locations established throughout the city check: #eqnz #chch

@ems_e  1:01pm: RT @NewstalkZB: Humour amongst the tragedy: A destroyed building in central Chch has been spray painted in pink, “I give up, gone fishing.” #eqnz

@StJohnsbar 1:00pm: We are doing a BBQ for #ChCh Relief fund from 4pm @StJohnsBar. Chicken Kebabs $2 – all proceeds to #ChCh #eqnz

@jamesmccoynz  12:55pm: People looting in CHCH and impersonating EQC Staff deserve to get sent to Jail for a life sentence. #disgusted

@Taranaki_NZ  12:52pm: ZUMBA LOVE for CHRISTCHURCH at TSB Stadium, New Plymouth on Saturday 12th March #EQNZ

@kiwinerd  12:50pm: #eqnz Peter Beck, Dean of Chch Cathedral, says the real “act of God” has been the outpouring of compassion, courage & human spirit. Right on

@jhkoning  12:48pm: Anyone know if the Red Cross are doing house checks in New Brighton? Sick elderly woman needs attention #eqnz #chch

@LitaNZ  12:47pm: Christchurch I love you! Christchurch I do! When we’re apart my heart beats only for you! #eqnz (harry potter reference…I know. I’m sad.)

@zazzspark  12:44pm: Get NZ Govt to make a remembrance day for #chch #eqnz 22.02.11 Please RT!

@opbap  12:41pm: Opawa Baptist has offers of accommodation both in Chch, Ashburton and Australia – if you need a place to stay contact us 033797680 #eqnz

@caroline_maree  12:39pm: In christchurch & need help w. food water liquifaction etc? Use hashtag #helpme. Crisis camp is working with #eqnz 2 mobilise volunteer army

@heemi  12:39pm: Working laptops needed for Christchurch. Contact 09 354 9155 #eqnz

@NZDoctor_news  12:38pm: Walls driving round streets of Chch handing out Magnum ice-creams! Yum! AC #eqnz

@yas_minee  12:38pm Christchurch looters steal three TelstraClear generators, affecting hundreds –

@DuffyClub  12:37pm: 4 days to go! With the ChCh EQ it’s great knowing we’re doing something for Kiwis…but difficult not being there to help!

@kiwinerd  12:27pm #eqnz About a dozen looters have been nabbed in Christchurch so far. Those guys will have SUCH a hard time when they reach prison.

@SSNZAuckland  12:25pm check out the messages from around the world! #eqnz

@markw_nz  12:24pm: A few more of my colleagues are being deployed to Christchurch to support operations after the #eqnz – hopefully I won’t be required

@nickseemore  12:21pm: The Dalai Lama is sad about the earthquake in NZ and has promised to pray for families and victims. At least someone is doing something.

@doddsy_nz  12:09pm: So they have named some of the looters in chch, what shall we do with them? Old school rules I’d say! #punishment

@PaulCush  11:59am: A******s! “@smh_news: ‘Ghoulish’ Australians among earthquake looters: police #chch #eqnz”

@MrFiskIt  11:56am: There’s a special place in Hell for CHCH looters, thieves and those selling water at $10 a litre. You’re going to burn. #eqnz

@AUTuni 11:38am: We saw such dedication to the #RedandBlack cause today on campus: not only sporting red socks with black shoes, but TWO #RedandBlack tattoos

@TheWorldNews  11:38am: Police: NZ quake death toll rises to 113 – San Jose Mercury News: ReutersPolice: NZ quake death toll rises to 11…

@NZTopModelColin  11:37am: ChCh you might not realise it now but EVERY. SINGLE. NEW ZEALANDER. would help you right now with their BLOOD. SWEAT. TEARS. #eqnz

@Matt_Gibb  11:36am: Off to the airport, looking forward to feeling less useless. #eqnz

@durvilleawines  11:35am: Still thinking of everyone in CHCH, stay strong and safe, and if there is anything we can do let us know #eqnz

@M2womanNZ  11:27pm: The Sky Tower in AKL is #redandblack tonight to support #christchurch! – #eqnz #fb

@chelseasugar  11:25am: We just raised nearly $800 for the CHCH Red Cross appeal. We had a huge morning tea with lots of home baking donated by staff.

@ChemtrailsUK  11:25am: Scam Alert: forged Red Cross websites used by earthquake scammers #EQNZ #earthquake #newzealand #christchurch #charity

@msfang  11:23am: What f***ing losers RT @nzherald: Two men arrested for stealing emergency power generators have appeared in court: #eqnz

@kltnz  11:19pm: Does anyone have any news re Kelly Maynard worked in PGC Bldg, have friends in London seeking info no update on Google #eqnz #eqnzcontact

@ChemtrailsUK 11:15am Spare a thought for the Christchurch NewZealand Earthquake victims,its devastated!plz donate NEthing u can to the #RedCross #NZEQ #EQNZ

@GeorgiiaMorgan  11:14am: Night world! my prayers will be offered to NZ and Libya.God bless the unfortunate people suffering, makes me feel #blessed to be alive.

@kltnz  11:13am: Does anyone have any news regarding Kelly Maynard worked in PGC Bldg, have friends in London seeking info #eqnz thanks

@carebears7s  11:11am: Ok – I have 528 bottles of water in Auckland available, does anyone have the best way for me to get those to ChCH #eqnz @FlyAirNZ

@tarasutherland  11:10:am RT @NZStuff: ‘Your families are our families, your children are our children’ – Mayor’s message to international families #eqnz

@jaytroyy  11:08:am RT @NZStuff: Death toll currently stands at 113 #eqnz

@BA_Valiants  11:03am: Just donated £40 to the NZ Red cross earthquake appeal. Hopefully in some small way it will go towards helping. #eqnz

(Friday, 25 February 2011 Tweets.)

@phoeberuby  10:1pm: If CHCH needed me I would go there and work as a nurse for free, without any hesitation. Not about money at a time like this. #EQNZ

@CEQgovtnz  9:45pm: Expect aftershocks. Each time one is felt, drop, cover, and hold on. #eqnz #chch

@breakingnewsph 9:39pm: World: Hope evaporates for survivors of NZ quake

@sugarlicks  9:40pm: Full on few days. Lost a cousin in NZ. Chch in ruins. Goodnight.

@kikidotca  9:26pm: That was biggish aftershock. #eqnz

@nemo49  9:21pm: Cooking dinner by candlelight with mum and dad in chch, right place for me now. Humbling to see great folks all getting on with cleanup.

@MyChemicalTash  9:19pm: Dad and i together have donated over $200 to the NZ red cross to help out Christchurch. Help our fellow kiwis out! #kiwilove

@DBG1979  9:16pm: Just heard from another m8 dwn in chch, another chilling/lucky story of survival! #eqnz

@steph_trowill  8:54pm its sick too hear that someones house got burgled while they are trapped/missing in CHCH.

@ASBBank  8:47pm There’s an email scam circulating, targeting ppl wanting to donate to #eqnz appeals – please be careful via @nzherald

@lethallime  8:44pm: I sold $100 of stuff of trademe tonight, books and ponies. Gonna donate it to chch 🙂 lots of ways you can donate here:

@actparty  8:38pm: $10 will sponsor a blanket for Canterbury. Go to to learn more #eqnz

@LiveDhirawit  8:34pm: Six Thai women(nurses) believed to be trapped under the debris of a six-storey building in quake-struck Christchurch, NZ – Bangkok Post

@NewstalkZB  8:34pm: Christchurch residents running low on fresh water can top up their supplies at the car park at Cowles Stadium in Wainoni. #eqnz

@TimNg1990  8:30pm: What started as 1 truck has turned into 4 trucks, 1 bus, & 2 containers. Chch, u are dearly loved

@Jonny0807  8:26pm: So awesome how the world and NZ has come together to support #CHCH #EQNZ makes me proud to be a Kiwi!!

@zoeargeros1  8:24pm: This earthquake is crazy, a lot more destruction than anything in QLD the last few months. Thoughts are with NZ. #eqnz

@elliottnz 8:23pm: remembering power is still out to large parts of chch, they haven’t seen the images the rest of the country are seeing #eqnz

@nz_quake  8:17pm: QUAKE: Mag 3.6, Thursday, February 24 2011 at 8:07 pm (NZDT), 10 km south-east of Christchurch. #eqnz

@SueHawkinsNZ  8:16pm Mt Maunganui College held a muftiday 2day with $$ going 2 Chch relief fund. Mr 14 told me everyone gave more than the usual $1. Awesome!

@KimberleyCB  8:10pm: Amazed how strong the people I am talking to are, even when they have been told it is now a recovery operation, not rescue. Respect. #eqnz

@EntirelyKiwi  8:05PM: Offering our home up for use for someone from Chch we know who needs help…

@Michael4mickie  7:45pm: #eqnz Urgent i need to know if Kasey Haru is alive.

@humphreybc  7:43pm: People I met today said they saw a looter this morning, alerted the police who got the dogs onto them and arrested. #eqnz

@psychedalicpunk  7:39pm: Just talked to my Grandma for the first time since the earthquake, her phone hadn’t been working. I’m happy now 🙂 #eqnz

@NZlovesJonas  7:26pm: “Aww! Someone who owned a shop in chch opened the doors and said “Everyone come take anything you need: food, water, anything!”

@SarahLibrarina  7:18pm: RT @DavidHuebner: For any of our Canadian friends in distress in Christchurch, Canadian High Commission hotline: 04-473-9577 . #EQNZ #CHCH

@flaminandromeda  7:12pm: Bob Parker talking just now…every time I hear him he’s strong, eloquent and certain Christchurch will get through this eventually. #eqnz

@Bridie_lynnNZ  7:09pm: The international support fo New Zealand is overwhelming!! all of NZ in so greatfull thanks so much from the bottom of our hearts xxoo

@Joe_Taxi  7:08pm: Another mag 4.0 aftershock just hit Christchurch. I hope it wasn’t too bad. #Eqnz

@TheOrganist  7:08pm: THANK YOU so much Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, USA, UK, Canada and Australia! Loving the support you’re providing for our Chch #eqnz teams.

@LiLkawaiibunny  7:08pm: I’m hoping for some miracle that the rescuers can take them out alive from the CTV building. ♥ [#Christchurch #eqnz #nzeq]

@NewstalkZB  6:54pm: Airline Pilots Association has confirmed one of its members, Jillian Murphy, died in the quake. #eqnz

@dieseldawwg  6:43pm:Yippee my friend I chch just text me, he is fine phew xxx

@psychedalicpunk  6:39pm: My mums friends body was found in the CTV rubble :'( #eqnz

@LitaNZ  6:36pm: Spare a thought for all the young children in Christchurch, I can’t help but think how scared and traumatic they must be feeling. x #eqnz

@ditzy_m  6:31pm: Just donated a measly $50 to @BritishRedCross … Feeling very helpless. Donating money is not as rewarding as I would like it to be #eqnz

@NZStuff 6:22pm: Police have released names of four killed, including a 5 month old and a 9 month old baby. #eqnz

@McMahon4SH  6:22pm: It’s starting to get personal now – I’m sitting next to my best mate as he finds out that people he knows and has worked with are dead #eqnz

@danieltiaiti  6:20pm: Another truck full bound for chch. Thank you Mainfreight

@Alex_MilneNZ  6:17pm: Police cars on Harris St, Wgtn, bound for Chch. #eqnz

@TVNZNews 6:12pm:The Christchurch quake death toll now stands at 98, say police. #eqnz

@PollyPuss11  6:07pm: Just come back from the City….its a mess. Our lovely Christchurch will NEVER be the same again. Like a war zone. 🙁 #eqnz

@RatedRKO619girl 5:58pm: offical death toll 92 people confirmed dead #PrayforChristchurch still over 200 missing and traped ='(

@TheJayReeve  5:55pm: Continue to be blown away by NZ, over $87,000 raised today through @Zmonline @BNZBank #ZMtweetathon, still an hour to donate. Amazing!!

@walktheline06  5:50pm: Omg. 92 confirmed dead and it will increase… #chch #eqnz

@wherescape  5:46pm: just announced death toll from Chch earthquake had risen to 92 – and that does not include CTV building. Our thoughts are with you. #eqnz

@katie_m_w  5:43pm: Such an overwhelming & exhausting week. And I have power, toilet & no earthquake. Cannot fathom how much worse Chch people’s weeks are #eqnz

@flamed_one  5:42pm: Boarding flight to ChCh, working for Red Cross in EOC @TelecomNZ have cleared me off work :). #eqnz

@Chrisdrummer  5:40pm: Once again: My family in Chch is fine. My Dad put some photo’s here on Flickr:

@hope_i_nator  5:37pm: watching the news about #Christchurch #new zealand the community help is amazing, supporting each other. Stay strong Chch!

@xspitfire  5:31pm: just got a call from my friends in Chch, they’re ok & coming back to Aux tomorrow if they can make the flight =)

@KnightNZ 5:25pm: And there’s already email scammers exploiting the quake. Absolute scum. Check links & emails claiming to be charities carefully. #eqnz

@RedHotSpecials  5:16pm: Hi Everyone. We hope you are safe. We have supermarkets open in ChCh. Merivale, Parklands and Barrington FreshChoice. Take care.

@UrchForce  5:08pm: Christchurch quake scam masquerades as Red Cross – National – NZ Herald News via @nzherald

@rhysiedarby  5:05pm:The bravery stories coming from the rescue and recovery teams are phenomenal. Thanks so much to all involved. Hope. #eqnz

@Kiwi_sparkle  4:59pm: Chch – I don’t have any $ but I have stuff… #eqnz

CEQgovtnz  4:43pm: Assume river, sea water, ponds, puddles and any other surface water is contaminated with sewage. #eqnz #chch

ApexInternet  4:32pm: As another night approaches, I just want to send my thoughts out to you all again #eqnz #chch take care ^LS

@NewsupdatesSA  3:02pm: The aftermath of NZ quake in pictures World:The aftermath of NZ quake in pictures Smoke rises from collapsed #SouthAfrica:

@iamoutrageous  3:01pm: These pictures are heart breaking! #Christchurch #EQNZ Christchurch

@shanellgregory  2:59pm: This is DISGUSTING! Thieves target home of woman missing in earthquake – National – NZ Herald News via @nzherald

@CEQgovtnz  2:57pm: National resources continue to be deployed in support of the local response. #eqnz #chch

@_ShawnSharma  2:56pm: Prayers and condolences going out to all those impacted by the earthquake in #Christchurch, #NewZealand

@damoslim  2:52pm: Trying to track down old friend Nigel Hogg, engineer in Chch. Anyone know if he’s ok? #eqnz

@LiLkawaiibunny  2:50pm: I’m just incredibly thankful for the countries who have provided their support to the Earthquake disaster. [#Christchurch #eqnz #nzeq]

@scrmsfmthundrgr  2:50pm: Just donated what I can to the #eqnz fund – send what you can !!

@hopeglorynz  2:48pm: GO NZ- In a country of only 4 1/2 million, people feel responsible for their neighbors, all 4 1/2 million of them

@ClaireLHuxley 2:36pm: A friends flat mate can’t find his mum. Can anyone help? Trish Stephenson no sign at her house, locom nurse #eqnz #eqnzContact

@lisalooloo70 2:36pm: Room at my place in Welly if you need to get out of Chch #eqnz

@rogerfitz: 2:01:pm You in sydney city or nearby? Come pray with us for NZ at the cathedral next to town hall at 1PM and 3pm #eqnz #chch

@psychedalicpunk: 2:00pm: Spookers Theme Park in AKLD will give free entry this Fri&Sat night 4 the R16 atractions 2 those from CHC.Boarding pass & ID required #eqnz

@stevodarkly  1:54pm: Americans looking to help with Christchurch, NZ, earthquake can donate online to Salvation Army’s relief effort:

@Matlyboy  1:49pm: #Taiwan #Australia # Japan #UK #Singapore #USA Thank you for your SAR help, we appreciate it! #EQNZ #Christchurch

@fruitflyCaz  1:41pm: Some bastard robbed the house of a family holding vigil outside one of the collapsed buildings where their mum had been working #eqnz

@gemzina 1:35pm: If you are in Welly, next Tuesday there will be a fundraising open mic night at Meow #eqnz

CEQgovtnz  1:34pm: Expect aftershocks. Each time one is felt, drop, cover, and hold on. #eqnz #chch

NewstalkZB  1:17 Dave Cliff Presser: If people leave town, being asked to leave messages wwith neighbours, friend and family so they don’t worry #eqnz

info4disasters  1:15pm: Update from the CDHB Services and pharmacies that are open, and staff info #eqnz #chch v/ @ECan

Christchurch City Council 1:05pm: .The Christchurch City Council has tweeted their call centre is not currently operational. They will advise when it is back up and running

@emilybinkss  12:58pm: RT @joejonas: Praying for New Zealand. So sad. I was there not to long ago such a beautiful place and beautiful people.

@giordanoperi  12:52pm: Chilean friend lost in #Christchurch named Sandro Aste (or Tano). No news of him since the #earthquake. Please help #nz

@TheEllenShow 11:54:After a devastating earthquake, New Zealand desperately needs our help. You can donate to the relief fund here.

@aenertia  11:54: Womens Refuge collecting for CHCH #eqnz. Need wipes, nappies, hand sanitiser, sanitary pads. Drop at Level 2, 57-59 Courtenay Place.

11.50: ARISE church Christchurch has put out a tweet asking people to bring in 20 litre water containers, long life milk, instant noodles and spreads like jam and peanut butter.

DnCityCouncil  11:45: Min of Cvl Dfnc says cash donations are the best way to help those in Chch – how to donate at

Wmdt47news  11:44: NZ earthquake toll at 75 dead, 300 missing: The sister and brother sat huddled Wednesday on sodden grass, starin…

nzherald 11:42: Two Japanese journalists were arrested overnight when they tried to break into hospital to interview victims: #eqnz

HeraldSunEye 11:37: Voices heard in two buildings in CC but rescue teams redeployed after no survivors found… #eqnz

Global_Montreal  11:32: See the difference: Before and after photos of #Christchurch, New Zealand. #eqnz #cathedral

nzherald  11:12: Unfortunately rescuers found no evidence when they returned to the site. Teams continue to search the CBD using a grid system #eqnz

HawkesBayToday  11:11: Christchurch Earthquake: CTV reporter with HB connections describes being 10 minutes from death. #eqnz #christchurch

rhystaylorrr  11:09: Media will receive access to Christchurch CBD cordon this afternoon to document #eqnz aftermath.

nzherald  11:05: Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker has confirmed contact with a person at the Holy Cross Chapel site #eqnz

@TheEdgeNZ: 11:00: Celebs from both here & around the world are tweeting their love for Christchurch, check em out: #eqnz

@craignetworker 12:29pm: Our six yr old collected his tools and wanted to help get Christchurch “fixed” He estimated it would take him and his brother 97 days. #eqnz

NewstalkZB  10:35am: Important #eqnz contact numbers and details about appeals are on our website –

NZDoctor_news  10:16am: Still 71 fatalities says latest from Civil Defence: #eqnz

brisbanetimes  10:11am: Rescuers to mount operation that could take up to five hours after hearing ‘faint’ female voice from the rubble #eqnz

NewstalkZB  9:59web: It’s just been announced that all 22 people missing in the Cathedral are thought to be dead #eqnz

@Disconnekted  8:22am: lowlife scum that are looting, stealing in Chch lock them up and throw away the key!

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