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Erin’s knitted wedding a sign of crafty times

May 19th, 2011 | By | Category: Front Page Layout, Latest News, News

KNITTING NICHE: Tasha Smith, Caroline Vincent and Stephanie Cybart knitting at the Southern Cross.

ERIN Kavanagh is knitting her wedding.

Kavanagh is so addicted to knitting, that together with her friends and family, she will be knitting everything from decorations, to shawls to bouquets for the wedding next year.

KNITTED NUPTIALS: Young knitting enthusiast Erin Kavanagh.

The 26-year-old is a member of one of the popular community knitting groups in Wellington.

She has been knitting off and on for 18 years and joined the Southern Cross Knitting Circle when it started five years ago.

Kavanagh (26) says knitting is definitely making a comeback with younger women.

“I think that with the recession and everything, there’s been resurgence in crafts and making your own clothes and stuff.

“Knitwear is totally in. It used to be all old ladyish but it’s become fun and relevant now. I think it’s also a really cool way to connect with our ancestors – making things from the ground up like they used to do,” she says.

Other members of the group range from 18 to 40 years old, but it changes on any given week.

Three of the younger members who have been attending the group on a regular basis for almost a year, all learnt the craft from one another in the group.

Eileen Witham (23) was the first to start knitting, when she received a pair of knitted socks from a friend.

“I went online and found a pattern and I thought, I’ll just keep knitting until I get as good as her. It’s kind of addictive, after that,” she says.

Caroline Vincent (23) started knitting after Witham posted pictures of her knitting on Facebook.

“It’s cool because you can make things out of nothing. You can create things exactly the way you want them,” she says.

Tasha Smith (19) then started knitting as a result of Vincent’s interest in it.

“She suggested it to me and I really just couldn’t see why not. It gets addictive pretty quick. It’s also really useful for my [fashion] course because it gives you an understanding of how textiles are made,” Tasha says.

Knitters are even taking over the internet, with thousands of knitting websites and Facebook knitting groups which have hundreds of thousands of members.

Erin says the community feeds off each other and knitting is good therapy.

“You meet all kinds of people and we all just hang out, and you can get help with your knitting and see what other people are up to, it’s just great.

“It’s a really awesome way of unleashing creativity and an amazing form of healing.

“I’ve been through some hard times and when I started knitting, it was such a good distraction – everything melts away and that’s that. I can’t imagine my life without it,” says Kavanagh.

The knitting circle meets at the Southern Cross Bar on Mondays at 7pm.

For those who are interested, other Wellington knitting groups are held in Lyall Bay and Avalon. Further information can be found at

Also, Knit World in Left Bank arcade holds a knitting class/group each Tuesday 5pm-7mp.

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