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83% of women right – Thompson sacked

Jul 6th, 2011 | By | Category: Latest News, News

CONTROVERSIAL chief executive Alasdair Thompson has been dismissed by the Employers and Manufacturer’s Association.

Newswire previously reported majority support for his dismissal, with 83% of women surveyed calling for him to go.

Now their wish has been granted, with EMA President Graham Mountfort announcing today the board believed Mr Thompson was no longer able to continue in his job.

“We regret that Alasdair’s role with the EMA is ending in this manner, especially considering the contribution he has made over the past 12 years. However under the circumstances the board has had to make this difficult decision,” said Mr Mountfort.

There is already huge celebration of the announcement, with comments such as “About time.” appearing on Stuff’s comment pages, and multiple jokes on Twitter about him being “gone. Period.”.

However, not every commentator has been in support of the sacking, with some calling it “PC gone mad” and others saying his apologies were sufficient.

Calls for his dismissal and negative reactions began almost immediately after the comments were made, with Air New Zealand ending its association with EMA on Friday.

BusinessDay reported that Air NZ has said it has no plans to rejoin EMA.

Green Party MP Catherine Delahunty, whose member’s bill sparked the comments by Thompson, said it seemed to take the EMA a long time to “do the right thing” and dismiss Thompson considering the “outcry from the women of this country as a whole”, she said.

That same outcry was represented in Newswire’s survey, with comments such as: “Don’t get me started on that man again”, “he needs to be a woman for a day and feel what it’s like” and “he’s not adequately representing the views he’s paid to represent”.

Ms Delahunty says the EMA lobbied Government all the time so it was important they could represent women, so a woman should now lead them.

Bruce Goldsworthy has been appointed acting CEO for the EMA.


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