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Cool, cool auction to raise money for SPCA

Jul 19th, 2011 | By | Category: Front Page Layout, Latest News, News

AN igloo made in Christchurch by people who have taken advantage of the late winter snowfall is being auctioned on Trade Me to raise money for SPCA.

Licensed commercial property consultant Daniel Andrew (above) and partner Prita Rajathurai came up with the idea to build an igloo for fun on Tuesday after Monday’s heavy snowfall.

“My partner got a bit excited on Monday when it snowed,” Mr Andrew says. “It was just for fun, but after it was finished we thought we should do something with it, otherwise it would be a waste.”

The igloo has grabbed the attention of Trade Me users as well as the SPCA, who have never heard of a fundraiser like this before.

Canterbury SPCA marketing manager Raina Roberts had not heard about it until she was contacted by Newswire, but she was very happy to find out about it.

“We often don’t know that something like this is going on and people just bring stuff in. But this is very cool,” she says.

“We would love to see more people take initiative and do more things like this.”

The SPCA has since contacted Mr Andrew and has arranged to be onsite this afternoon when the auction ends for a photo-shoot of the transaction –“with one of those cheesy giant cheques to sign”, says the auction page.

Mr Andrew said the igloo took four people 12 hours to build and maintain. They shared a candle-lit lunch together inside on Tuesday.

“It took eight hours to build, plus I spent four hours (Wednesday) night packing more snow onto it, hoping it will last until Friday. The snow’s gone now, but [the igloo] is pretty much frozen because it’s so cold.

“We had four people in there for a cuppa tea and some telly (Wednesday) night. But you could probably fit five.”

Mr Andrews said he has no previous igloo-building experience and when he and Ms Rajathurai searched how to build an igloo on Youtube, they saw that many had structural frames.

“[The one’s we saw] had frames. They were cheating. We used knives, but that’s how they’re built. We didn’t use any framing or anything.”

Mr Andrew hopes to raise $300 to $400 by the time the auction closes at 1.30pm today.

The top bidder will receive a colour TV as well as igloo, and Mr Andrew says he will throw in a bag of Pascal Eskimos at his own expense. Inspections are welcome, says his ad.

At the time of writing, the auction had reached a top bid of $225 and received more than 15,000 page views.

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  1. Can you build me a 3 bedroom igloo condo? I like the workmanship and would trust you house my Eskimo family

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