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Chocolate, Chocolat, Schokolade, Cioccolato…

Aug 11th, 2011 | By | Category: Front Page Layout, Latest News, News

Chocolate, Chocolat, Schokolade, Cioccolato, Tiakarete.

Whatever language you use, people all over the world love chocolate.

So it’s – excuse the pun – something of a sweet treat for Wellingtonians in for three days of chocolate from Friday.

The New Zealand Chocolate Festival is attracting chocolate lovers and chocolatiers from throughout the country.

One of those is Donna McKenzie, who is not only a lover of all things chocolate, but makes her living from making it, too.

“I love chocolate, I mean – who doesn’t? And as my business [Sweet Motif] is based around chocolate, it is a big part of my life,” she says.

Ms McKenzie’s Auckland company, which designs and sells personalised chocolates, will not be exhibiting at the chocolate festival, but she’s hoping to pick up a few ideas.

“[On] the chocolate artisan side of things, I am hoping this is going to be amazing and creative.”

And she’s pretty happy about visiting Wellington, but “chocolate makes this trip even sweeter”.

The NZ Chocolate Festival’s Facebook and Twitter pages are also packed full of comments from chocolate lovers excited to attend.

Sarah Poynter wrote on Facebook: “Tickets booked, this is my idea of heaven.” And Rosa Wakefield tweeted: “Yay! I’m so excited. Been building up my tolerance to chocolate in preparation – that’s the way to do it, right?”

Whether you love it, or love to make it, New Zealand’s first Chocolate Festival looks to be sweet as.

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