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Cuba St snow film star is shy about his sudden global fame

Aug 22nd, 2011 | By | Category: Featured Article, Front Page Layout, News

A STAR of a short video shot on Cuba St against a backdrop of snowfall says he is not sure how to feel about his image appearing globally.  

Daniel Cooke (above) was working at Rodney Wayne Hairdresser on Cuba St when he was unwittingly captured gazing at the snowing sky by amateur film producer Ro Tierney.

As Daniel’s emotions are the first captured, his face is the image that appears when people see the link to the film.

But he does not think he has any claim to fame: “It’s about him (Ro Tierney) and the snow.”

Regardless, the film has featured on New Zealand news sites such as 3 News and Stuff, and Stuff reports that the film was also picked up by The Washington Post, The Atlantic Magazine and Peru’s El Comercio.

The film has had over 76,000 views on Youtube.

Snow in Wellington has been deemed a “once-in-a-generation” event and the subjects of the film clearly depict this with their looks of wonder and jumps of joy.

Daniel says he was excited by the snow as he has never seen it falling and never seen it on the ground.

When he first saw the film he thought it was cool, although he admits that now he does feel a little uncomfortable knowing his image has been thrown across the world.

“But to be honest I’m not fussed, as long as it doesn’t make me look like a douche.”

He has not been recognised on the street or at his work, although clients have discussed the film without knowing Daniel was one of the stars.

He congratulated Ro Tierney via Facebook and says something like this gave him a lucky break.

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  1. I’m not sure being in a video for 8 seconds can give someone “sudden global fame”, especially considering we don’t know the guys name from the video and it’s YouTube views are 76,000.

    Nice hype though.

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