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Wednesday, 22 May 2019 06:57 pm

Peace award nominee made a difference in fight against war

DAVID Elborn did not achieve the aim of his Eliminate War Forever Campaign, but his family knows he made a difference.

The lifelong Wellingtonian, who died recently, is remembered by friends and family as someone who was not afraid to fight for what he believed in.

His daughter, Samantha Ives says she used to think he was biting off more than he could chew.

“But now I look back I realise that he is right, it only takes one man to dream,” she says of her father, pictured right, who was nominated for the Silo of West Africa Peace Award before he died.

In 2009 he helped found the Eliminate War Forever Campaign under the premise that if there is no war then the world will be at peace.

Samantha says her father did not like the word “peace” because he felt it wasn’t a strong enough word for what it meant, so he invented the phrase “eliminate war forever”.

“He didn’t like the associated stereotypes of peace activists such as tree huggers and hippies,” says Samantha.

Dave, as he was known, started the campaign website with a former workmate, Pam Harris, who says he had always been enthusiastic about peace and eliminating war since she met him.

Miss Harris first met Dave in 2004 when he was in real estate and she was a project co-ordinator.

“I think he could really sell anything and with Dave if he could believe in it then he could sell it. Not everyone can do that,” she says.

Sam says peace was a consuming passion which included reading newspapers, writing letters and emails.

“I think he wrote to the US president more than once,” she says.

He travelled to Afghanistan in 2009 to observe the culture, meet locals and build contacts.

“He wanted to go back to Afghanistan to talk about peace and wanted to meet with the Taleban,” says Samantha.

She says her father, who was 66 when he died, had been planning to travel to Africa to accept peace award and take the opportunity to travel around Congo.

While his anti-war activities became his focus later in life, sport had been a consuming passion throughout.

After being active in team sports such as rugby and cricket, Dave continued to run until he had a stroke, a year before he died.

Sam says his other passions were wine, good food, and his family, including two children and two grandchildren.

Dave was educated at Miramar South School, Strathmore Park School, Rongotai College and was counted among his friends former All Black Graham Williams.

GOOD SPORT: David Elborn, seated centre holding the ball, in his school rugby days. Photo: Supplied.

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