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Kids’ raise thousands from school market stalls

Aug 26th, 2011 | By | Category: Front Page Layout, Latest News, News

Phoenix McLaughlin (left) and Manaia Bilton welcome all takers for the wire challenge, a stall they set up at Hampton Hill School to raise funds for an end-of-year camp.

STRAW CHALLENGE: Camryn O'Leary tries her luck at moving M & M’s.

Holding four market days each year. pupils set up their own stalls to appeal to other kids, and so far they have raised $2439 from the first three.

Selling items of food and toys or creating games with prizes, the kids run the day themselves with supervision of teachers and staff.

“I love the way the kids deal with it themselves,” says teacher Ashton Stuart. “There’s real power in that.”

Families are welcome to these events and are very supportive.

“I don’t mind contributing to it because it comes back to us,” says parent Malinda Williams..

Stall ideas have included finding marbles in a bucket of gunge, the wire challenge (the player loses if the buzzer sounds), a lemonade stand, toy raffles, a talent quest, a baking sale and lifting M & Ms from one plate to another with a straw.

School principal Louise Bray-Burns says the days encourage socialising among the parents: “It opens the school up to people. I love having all the parents around.”

The year 6 camp will be Marahau, Nelson, in December. Activities will include horse riding, sea biscuiting Being towed behind a boat), tramping and visiting an aquarium.

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