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Thursday, 25 April 2019 07:48 pm

Photographers highlight international tensions

Aug 19th, 2011 | By | Category: Front Page Layout, Latest News, News

Palestinian workers queue to enter Jerusalem at a Bethlehem checkpoint in November 2006. IMAGE: ActiveStills

Homepage image: Emiliana, as photographed by Blake Dunlop.

THE Palestinian bid to seek recognition of statehood next month will be showcased in a photography exhibition that opens today.

The exhibition includes images from New Zealand’s 1981 anti-Apartheid movement and from the Israeli Palestinian conflict.

Human rights activists John Minto and Tame Iti, controversial dole artist Tao Wells, and South African photojournalist and filmmaker Mark Fredericks will be contributing to the exhibition.

The exhibition, called Unrecognised, will be held at 13 Garrett Street exhibition space until Sunday.

Unrecognised is a joint work by artists’ community Concerned Citizens, and photographers’ collective Active Stills, which incorporates 10 photographers in Israel and Palestine.

Concerned Citizens spokesman Ben Knight says one of the exhibition’s aims is to draw media attention to the upcoming United Nations’ decision on the recognition of Palestinian, thus putting the issue in front of people who would not ordinarily hear about it.

The Palestinians will apply for recognition and full membership of the United Nations on September 20.

New Zealand is one of the UN members who will cast a vote on whether or not to recognise Palestine as a state, of which 122 countries do so far.

“The Unrecognised exhibition reminds us that New Zealanders were proud to speak out against injustice in South Africa in 1981, and that we can speak out against injustice right now,” Mr Knight says.

“Recognising the basic rights of the Palestinian people in the UN in September is vital for continuing New Zealand’s legacy of standing up for international humanitarian justice.”

Documentary Occupation 101 will screen on opening night to give people a good insight into the situation in Palestine.

An online auction of work submitted by local photographers will fundraise for the Active Stills collective, and in exchange donors will get a high quality print of an image of their choice.

Richard Dennis Bartlett, a contributing artist and exhibition organiser, says the exhibition offers a great opportunity for likeminded artists from different parts of the globe to work together to promote international human rights.

Another contributing artist Blake Dunlop (25) says the exhibition involves a diverse cross-section of cultural and political views, photographic styles, and just people in general.

This clearly indicates that this is an important and urgent human rights issue for the wider community, he says.

“Since it’s an issue that might not normally penetrate certain social groups, we’d like to help open up the discourse to as many people as possible, giving them the opportunity to decide what they think about it.”

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