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Thursday, 23 May 2019 04:53 pm

Anti-abortion group queries contraception

Sep 16th, 2011 | By | Category: Front Page Layout, Latest News, News

ANTI-ABORTION group Right to Life denies that $387,585 of taxpayer money spent on a  six-year-long court challenging abortion law would have been better spent on contraception.

One reason is some women use abortions as a backup when contraception fails, says spokesperson Ken Orr.

He was responding to a press release from the opposing group Abortion Law Reform Association New Zealand (ALRANZ), which says the money could have paid for more than a quarter of a million condoms, more than 1000 vasectomies, and more than 9500 doses of emergency contraception.

The ALRANZ press release features on Right to Life’s website, where the latter has replied, saying “contraception is the mother of abortion”.

While the Abortion Supervisory Committee has found that 54 percent of those who have abortions were not using any form of contraception, Mr Orr says the money should not have been spent on providing contraception.

The committee says on top of that percentage, another 27.7 percent of abortions are a result of failed condom use.

The Auckland Sexual Health Service reports that most condoms fail because of incorrect use rather than condom fault.

This potentially means that better education and more contraception would result in far fewer abortions.

Right to Life’s Mr Orr says the cost of battling the law is justified because the Government has not taken the necessary steps to uphold it.

The case is now at the Supreme Court and they are waiting for a one- day hearing that “will hopefully see certifying consultants accountable for providing abortions on demand”.

ALRANZ says the fact that the case is now before the Supreme Court means even more taxpayers’ money will be spent.

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