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Rugby free zone gets a few thumbs up around capital

Oct 3rd, 2011 | By | Category: Front Page Layout, Latest News, News

NOT all New Zealanders are interested in rugby and Chris Jackson has made his point obvious to train travellers on the Kapiti line.

THE Tawa resident has put up a “No Rugby Zone” sign on his fence, only a few metres away from the train tracks between Tawa and Linden train stations.

“I suppose it was a bit of a joke and it wasn’t a joke – I’ve never liked rugby and the reason for that is I don’t think it’s got any skill,” Chris says.

“Someone paid me a few years ago, offered me $50 to go to a game with him and I still didn’t go.”

Some people go past on the train and give a thumbs up, he says.

Some of his friends are not fans of rugby either, with one friend in France and another in Italy at the moment.

“They deliberately took [a break] while this is on. They thought because of the infrastructure needed to support [the Cup], it would be chaotic.”

Chris and his friends are not the only ones avoiding the rugby.

In the busy Frank Kitts underground market on Sunday, Peta-Maria Harris and Suzanne Meijer, pictured , say they would prefer “almost anything” to watching a rugby game.

“I love all the atmosphere,” Suzanne says. I’m not against it at all but I don’t particularly enjoy watching it.”

Peta-Maria is not a fan either, unlike her Dad and brothers.

“I would watch a game socially, but I wouldn’t watch it for enjoyment,” she says.

Sisters Salma and Batool Alsaif, pictured left, were also looking around the underground market while New Zealand played Canada on Sunday.

The group were out on the waterfront to enjoy the festival and entertainment, says Batool, left, but she does not like the game.

“They don’t protect their body and it’s dangerous,” she says.

Salma says it is interesting to know what teams will be playing where.

“We need to know about the rugby, to know what’s happening, but we don’t watch it,” she says.

Andy Winkler, pictured right, and Karen Copland decided to escape the wet weather on Sunday by going to see a movie instead of watching the rugby.

They were in no danger of missing out on a seat at Reading Cinemas because there was hardly anyone there.

Andy says he wasn’t fazed and didn’t care about missing the All Blacks game.

“Some people are really into it, but not me.”

Mrs Copland, from Dunedin, says her family is into it and sometimes she will watch it but she would rather go to the movies or the gym.

For those not watching the semi-final on Saturday October 8, not-so rugby fans are invited to Wellington’s Meow café for the event fittingly titled “F*#k the rugby world Cup”.

Forty-seven guests are attending so far, according to the invite on Facebook.

The event has approval from several Facebook users so far, showing comments such as “Yeah! Rugby can kiss my foot (my ass is too good for it)” from Greer Larson.

Electronic, dubstep and grime will be the order of the night and, with free entry from 11pm it may be as far from the Cup as some can afford.

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