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Black Syndrome suits city’s black supporters

Nov 11th, 2011 | By | Category: Latest News, News

NO PROBLEM: Dilhara Lekamge with Horace and Ringo.

BLACK dogs and cats in America are struggling to find homes, but there’s no such  problem here, says Wellington SPCA.

Black pets are often the last to be adopted because of what pet shelters are calling “Black Dog Syndrome”, according to a recent article published on a US website.

Many people prefer lighter coloured pets because they are easier to photograph and are less superstitious, says the article on, but Wellington SPCA spokesperson Joanna McLeod disagrees.

“We have no more problems adopting black animals as other animals. It’s just silliness,” she says.

Dominion Post columnist Karl du Fresne noted earlier last month that New Zealanders look “drab and sombre” in terms of fashion.

Auckland Airport looked like “a constant procession of people scurrying past, clad in what appeared to be funereal garb – all blacks and dark greys,” he wrote.

Commenting on the Black Dog Syndrome, Wellington SPCA says on Facebook: “We’ll go with the argument if it helps all the black animals we have right now get homes.

“Still, perhaps the black-clad Wellingtonians might like to look at Arthur [a black and white short-haired cross breed].”

Ms McLeod, who says the Facebook response was lighthearted, agreed that Wellington people do wear a lot of black.

“We just want the animals to go to the right home, regardless of what is in their owners wardrobe.”

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