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Dungeons, dragons and master do battle for MMP

Nov 15th, 2011 | By | Category: Front Page Layout, Latest News, News

DUNGEON POLITICS: Dungeon master Joseph Kelly facing the camera with, from left, Pia Baarspul, Phil Jones, Steve Rhoades and Robert Whitaker discuss tactics.

A KEEN  group of MMP supporters have spent 24 hours straight exploring new worlds, battling monsters, using their magic skills and avoiding danger, all for the cause.

Four keen Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) players, a dungeon master and a crew of supporters settled into a 24 hour gaming marathon on Saturday to raise money for the campaign to keep MMP.

Dungeon master, Joseph Kelly has been a master since his high school days and says this was without a doubt, the biggest challenge he has ever faced.

He says energy drinks, pizza and coffee were a must have to keep the players going.

“And when you add into the mix that we were playing in front of an audience, the stakes were even higher.”

MMP campaigner, Rose Swindells (pictured below) says her husband Robert Whitaker organised the event after reading that a group in New York had used the game as a fundraiser.

“He’s been a D&D player since he was a kid, and is also quite involved in politics. We’re both quite involved in the MMP campaign and this is quite a good fit.”

Mr Kelly describes the game as: “A social game where every player and every character brings their unique skills to the table to work together to conquer evil and make the world better for everyone”.

Mrs Swindells says it’s that idea of unity which makes the marathon ideal for the MMP campaign.

“The game’s about listening and compromise, and working together. It’s about diversity of opinions, and in a way, MMP is about having the most diverse range of people in parliament. Certainly more than FPP. So they’re both about working together,” she says.

“We’ve got a website where you can buy a curse or a monster or something for the guys so it’s quite an interactive fundraiser and people are still donating as we go.”

All proceeds from the fundraiser are going directly into funding the MMP campaign, and the effort managed to draw in audiences an MMP campaign would not usually reach.

Eleven year old, Zeb Schrader was there when the game kicked off at midday, Saturday, because he is an avid dungeons and dragons fan.

“I like D&D. It’s good because you get lots of freedom, you can do anything you want and you can’t really do that with computer games and stuff. The encounters are the best part – those are the fighting bits,” he says.

The marathon ended on Sunday at midday, after which the players left to catch up on some much needed sleep, but organiser Mr Whitaker was pleased with the result.

“Overall it went very well, we made it through the 24 hours, just, and we managed to raise just under $2000 all up.”

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