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Election casts its net over worldwide web

Nov 24th, 2011 | By | Category: Front Page Layout, Latest News, News

FOR those with no access to a television or living off New Zealand shores, do not fear – 2011 has brought more ways to watch Saturday’s election than ever before.   

TV3 and Maori Television are – for the first time – streaming the channels live on the internet.

This means, along with TVNZ’s and SKY’s annual coverage, New Zealanders waiting to discover whose hands our future lands in can rest assured they will be provided with more options of analysis and electorate updates.

Election coverage will start streaming worldwide from 7pm on Saturday, November 26 on each of the four channels.

Maori TV will cover the seven Maori electorates and the “mainstream parties”. 

Maori TV’s online editor Vikki Rangi says the addition of online streaming is exciting, given the significance of the Maori party.

“No one followed the Maori electorates before Maori TV, so extending the coverage is important.

“Maori party…played a huge role before 2011, and we couldn’t emphasis their influence.”

Native Affairs’ Julian Wilcox will present the live coverage, along with discussion from political commentators, at from 7pm to 1am on Saturday, here.

It is also TV3’s first time streaming the general election, and its coverage will be available on iPads and mobile phones.

John Campbell and Duncan Garner will present over the four and a half hour period.

TV3’s live stream is available here.

TVNZ’s coverage will run from 7-12pm and will be hosted by Mark Sainsbury, Guyon Espiner, Simon Dallow and Corin Dann, along with political commentators and special guests.

TVNZ’s live stream can be found here.

SKY communications director Tony O’Brien says subscribers will be able to access election coverage on channel 90 through iSKY.

Alastair Wilkinson will provide updates every 30 minutes, along with live crosses to party functions.

Massey University politics lecturer Grant Duncan will provide political analysis for the night.

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