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Tuesday, 23 October 2018 04:52 pm

Finlayson washes hands of dirty campaign tactics

Nov 15th, 2011 | By | Category: Front Page Layout, Latest News, News

A SMEAR campaign pamphlet, distributed to residences in Kilbirnie and Hataitai last week, has criticised National and Rongotai candidate Chris Finlayson, but is of little concern to the subject of the publication.

The letter titled “Facts regarding the Rongotai candidate Chris Finlayson” is a scathing attack on the National candidate, and how he has performed in his role as treaty minister.

The main apprehension in the letter is that the “racist” Marine and Coastal Act 2011, which National and the “racist” Maori party passed, will allow Mr Finlayson to give New Zealand beaches to iwi, who will in turn restrict the public’s access.

This is a claim that Mr Finlayson (right) has vehemently rejected as both “ignorant and bigoted”.

National stated it wants to resolve all treaty claims by 2014, and as a result of this, the Government had to negotiate, says Mr Finlayson.

He says the act was necessary, as “most parties agreed that Labour’s 2004 Foreshore and Seabed Act was a flop”.

The pamphlet, authorised by Ernest Norris of Feilding, warns people against voting for National as he says Rongotai will lose its coastline.

“Effectively it’s a vote for the Maori Party and all the selfish racism and separatism on which that party is based.”

Mr Finlayson says he isn’t concerned with the pamphlet’s distribution, as if people look into it they can see the good work that’s been done.

Under the new act “there hasn’t been a tsunami of applications”, but all would be dealt with in a just and methodical way, says Mr Finlayson.

“I think we’re in a really good place. We’ve made really good progress.”

When Mr Norris was contacted and asked which political party he was affiliated with, he said the people who had issued the letter were simply concerned citizens.

“We do not belong to any one political party.”

Mr Finlayson did not know who Mr Norris was, but wondered about his motivation.

“I didn’t know they had any beaches in Feilding.”

While not overly enthused about the pamphlet’s negativity towards him personally, Mr Finlayson said it’s part of the job that he has had to accept.

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  1. Good on your for covering this, such a joke. It appeared in Kingston mailboxes too. And I have a ‘No Junkmail’ sign- argh

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