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No more clowning around for Green party MP

Nov 16th, 2011 | By | Category: Front Page Layout, Latest News, News

OHARIU electorate candidate Gareth Hughes talks policies, polls, Greenpeace and the National billboard incident.

The Green party went public and was upfront about the attack on National party billboards, says the 30-year-old Green MP.

It should not affect the Green’s campaign because even though the individual involved was a Green member the party did not support the vandalism, he says.

“We don’t condone it, people put a lot of work into them and ours get damaged as well – people [voters] will respect that.”

He says working to establish training incentives and create jobs are key focuses, and even though Ohariu is the richest electorate there are pockets of poverty that affect kids in the area and that needs to be dealt with too.

The Green party is also prioritising clean rivers and transport issues.

He says even in the Ohariu area, pollution in local streams is a concern.

The Wellington Transport Policy was released yesterday and that will cut spending on unnecessary motorways and support better bus and public transport systems, he says.

It is his second time running in the Ohariu electorate, but while he is a candidate he is asking for party votes only.

“The more Green party votes the more members of parliament,” he says.

Although Green party members are happy with their party’s poll results, they are only a guide and November 26 will be the most important poll.

It would be great to make current poll results a reality, he says.

Post-election, his main focus will be on his wife and two kids Arlo (4) and Zoe (1) and also continuing environmental activism.

In 2004 Greenpeace was successful in protesting against McDonald’s using GE chicken feed.

Dressed up as Ronald McDonald, Gareth Hughes locked himself to the McDonald’s distribution facility, but was eventually taken away by police.

The photo of him being taken away in a police car defined the protest and went global. 

He says compared with his Greenpeace days, being an MP has changed how he uses activism and is now a law maker not a law breaker, as he uses parliamentary tools to try and get good Green wins.

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