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Eye-popping, pill-popping pharmacy in Tawa

Apr 1st, 2012 | By | Category: Latest News, News

SIMON’S Amcal Pharmacy in Tawa has found a new way for their customers to use Tami Flu pills and the first packet is free.

Needing a canopy to shelter the building from the weather, the recently moved business decided to use the opportunity to advertise.

When the frame was put up Anthony Simon, owner of the Pharmacy, said people kept asking when they were going to fix the broken looking canopy.

“But once people saw the pills up they got it, going from ‘what are you doing?’, to ‘that’s pretty cool’.”

The angle was designed by architect Ashley Cox as a strategy to reach out to the main street, since the building has a large forecourt

The medication packet was inspired by American hot dog shaped stands and Randy’s Donuts in Los Angeles, California

The blow-moulded pills from Christchurch now light up every night and turn off at 10pm.

Even though a Tami Flu pill is usually yellow Anthony choose orange because he likes the colour more.

Anthony has owned the store since 2000 and his staff say this project has been his baby.

The business was situated across the Tawa Main road next to the Drummonds pharmacy.

When the Caltex petrol station across the road was no longer using the space, Anthony jumped at the chance for a new location.

“I’ve always wanted to move to this side of the road to be close to the medical centre,” Says Anthony.

“I wasn’t going to turn this one down.”

The decision to move has been justified, with business booming, he says.

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