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Sunday, 24 March 2019 10:55 am

Public backlash: ‘Pash mob’ to target capital bar

Apr 23rd, 2012 | By | Category: Front Page Layout, Latest News, News

A “PASH MOB” is being called for outside Wellington bar Public, which has been at the centre of a viral online storm since Sunday.

Salient magazine columnist and queer rights advocate Rebekah Galbraith claimed on Facebook she was thrown out for sharing a “brief kiss” with her girlfriend.

Hundreds of people have left angry messages on Public’s Facebook page.

A staff member, who would not give a name, told Newswire this afternoon that the bar is going through its video surveillance tapes to clarify the chain of events.

Online outrage and ‘clicktivism’ will translate into passion on the street if the Wellington Young Feminists Collective has its way.

The collective is organising a pash mob outside the bar.

A pash mob, or kiss-in, involves people kissing in public as a form of protest, and has been previously used against businesses in the UK accused of denying service to gays.

A status update announcing the plan last night has already received over 100 likes and been endorsed by representatives of queer activist groups.

As the story rapidly expands through the blogosphere, commentators have referred to the John Snow pub in Central London, which was targeted last year for similar reasons.

Some of those attending complained there was too much standing around and not enough kissing.

Ms Galbraith endorsed the pash mob online.

“Well I did it once, I’ll do it again,” she commented.

Ms Galbraith originally wrote a public Facebook message to the management of Public, which as of this article’s publication has been ‘liked’ nearly a thousand times – over 600 more ‘likes’ than Public itself has.

“When standing on the street, I turned to the man who kicked us out and said this would not happen if we were a straight couple. He agreed, and shrugged, and said ‘it’s not my place’, and with a smirk claimed he wished it could be different,” she wrote.

Bar owner Gina Mills was not present, but told the Dominion Post she denies any accusations of homophobia and says calls to boycott her business are ‘upsetting’.

She says according to her staff the couple were intoxicated and sitting on the table, and became aggressive when asked to leave.


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  1. “has been previously used against businesses in the UK accused of denying service to queers.”

    Queers ? … lol

  2. I hope you will update this piece tommorow with the new facts that have come to light

    Also, I think the preferred term is ‘slacktavism’ not ‘clicktivism’

  3. Juvenile guys. Grow up!

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