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Dumping, scavenging stumps charity stores

May 14th, 2012 | By | Category: Front Page Layout, Latest News, News

DUMPING and theft of donations outside charity shops appears to be stumping anyone looking for a solution.

The Karori Salvation Army shop, pictured above, in particular is having problems despite the efforts of staff members.

The shop, one of three charity stores in Karori, has been in its current location for nine years and the dumping has become worse in the last five, says shop manager Angela Leigh.

“We’ve tried to stop it by putting up a make shift camera and signs but it is still an issue.”

When the dumping problem started the staff came down in their own time and cleaned up the mess left.

WARNING SIGN: Signs outside the store attempt to stop the dumping.

“My heart just drops on Monday mornings when you see the mess,” says Ms Leigh.

The biggest issue with donations being left outside the shop is that people steal from them.

“The stealing has definitely gotten worse, more and more people do it because they see the other people and they just think it’s a free-for-all,” Ms Leigh says.

She says the Child Cancer Society drop-off bins opposite the Salvation Army store appear to have similar problems.

They get stuffed full, sometimes with donations left on the street, but there are systems in place to clear these regularly.

A Mary Potter Hospice shop on Karori Rd also has signs to encourage people not to leave donations outside the shop after hours.

Volunteers sympathised that it is an unfortunate issue that second hand stores have to deal with, but say it is a rare occurrence for the Mary Potter Hospice shops.

“It does happen on occasion but we encourage people not to leave donations outside of shop hours,” says Lynn Blann, retail operations manager for Mary Potter Hospice.

“If anything is left outside we try and clear it up as fast as possible so people don’t see it and think that they can also leave things,” she says.

Other stores in the Salvation Army chain around Wellington are also facing donation dumping issues.

The Family store on the corner of Ghuznee & Taranaki Street also receives donations left outside the store despite also having advertising not to do so.

One volunteer said they try and get licence plate numbers of the security footage and pass them on to the Wellington City Council.

However, when the council were contacted they were unaware of the littering issue.


WARNING SIGN: Signs outside the store attempt to stop the dumping.

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