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Otaki church in $200,000 fundraising target

May 8th, 2012 | By | Category: Latest News, News

THE HUB Church in Otaki is planning a $200,000 building project  to extend its facilities.

Pastor Mike Taylor says the idea is to add onto the existing church building and to demolish the adjoining building known as the Tasman House, which is falling to pieces.

“If we don’t get donations, we’re going to be paying it off for the next 15 years,” says, the pastor, pictured with his son Tom.

However, with concerted fundraising they are hoping to get it paid off in three years.

To begin the project this year in June $20,000 is needed, but so far only $200 has been pledged.

Pastor Mike says people can pay $4 a week as one way of fundraising, or buy bricks for $250 each.

The church is also planning a mid-winter gala, with all proceeds going towards the project.

The church takes up an offering of money every year from those who want to get on board with community work, and give support financially.

Pastor Mike says he does not want to use this for construction because it is needed to run activities such as the over-50s meals and the youth group.

“We’re trying to build a space for the community work we do,” he says.

“We’re working really closely with young lads and girls, and trying to put a programme together for them and we just can’t cope with what we’ve got.”

Pastor Mike is concerned about the church toilets falling to pieces. He says the strongest parts of the church are the repairs.

If the church can get a new kitchen built as part of the redevelopment, it will be doing before school breakfasts for children in Otaki.

The construction should take about 14 weeks, but it will not affect church services as the existing church building is staying as it is.

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