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Parking woes frustrate Petone commuters

May 24th, 2012 | By | Category: Front Page Layout, Latest News, News

COMMUTERS at Petone station are becoming frustrated by the lack of parking available on the highway side of the line.

Kade Schrijvers (19) drives from home before commuting to the city and like many locals he is having trouble finding a space in the designated car parks.

“I drive down here and it takes me ages to find a space,” Mr Schrijvers says.

“There are not enough car parks and there is room to make more. So I don’t see why the council don’t do anything about it.”

Vanessa Geddes is another local who has seen and experienced the problems poor parking can cause for commuters who get to the station when its full.

“I think when you get there early it is okay but if you get there late you will have to park along the path or on the grass,” says Ms Geddes.

“I often wonder if they are corporate people with nice shoes parking in the mud.”

Commuters like Mr Schrijvers want to see the area around the overflow developed.

“I’d like to see that area of grass that is for sale turned into a car park,” he says, referring to privately owned land across the road, which has remained empty since the interchange was completed.

Hutt City Council traffic engineer Wayne King recognises the issue and thinks previous parking developments have not been enough.

“Since the park and ride was becoming full a parking overflow was built at the bottom of Korokoro hill but that still gets full,” Mr King says.

Mr King wants to see use of the adjacent 5000sqm plot made available.

“What’s frustrating is there is a great big paddock lying there which would be perfect. But the only issue is the owner wants to sell rather than lease the land,” Mr King says.

“It would be the Wellington Regional Council that would head any future developments but it’s definitely an issue.”

Residents have taken to using any available space in the area to park, mounting grassed areas not suitable for vehicles.

Mr King says since the Dowse and Petone upgrades were finished, cars parking on the narrow Pito-one Rd cause concern.

“In the last couple of months people have now started parking on the grass outside the overflow and lining both sides of Pito-one Rd. This is a concern and it can be dangerous,” Mr King says.

Greater Wellington Regional Council’s Peter Glensor is a Korokoro resident and has seen the problem grow.

Mr Glensor is the chair of the Wellington Economic wellbeing committee and says that the issue is shared all over the region, but is not going unnoticed.

“We simply can’t keep up with the demand for people to park at stations for free,” says Mr Glensor.

“There are 58 stations in the region and almost all of them have similar issues to do with park and ride.”

Mr Glensor thinks the empty land is ideal for more park and ride spaces but if it cannot be secured by Wellington Regional Council more options will be explored.

“The land is perfect for transit orientated development and there is a belief that if you develop around transport hubs like this then it will be a great thing,” says Mr Glensor.

“It is quite a struggle to set aside money for developments when there is no charge to park at the station, which leaves it difficult to prioritise with what we do have,”

Mr Glensor says surveys were carried out to gauge how introducing a small charge would be received by commuters.

“Public response to a charge for park and ride was very positive as people believed it would lead to more developments as well as freeing up parking spaces.”

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