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Drummer grabs her chance with Trinity Roots

Jul 11th, 2012 | By | Category: Front Page Layout, Latest News, News

WHEN a big name in New Zealand music approaches you to cover the drums for them, you tend not to say no.

Jean Pompey was asked to join Trinity Roots by bass guitarist Rio Hunuki-Hemopo in September.

“Rio phoned me up and was like, ‘do you want to cover the drums for us’, I was like yeah,” says Jean.

Pompey is a drummer, guitarist and all round musician and up until now has just been playing for a several bands around Wellington.

“I felt privileged to be asked to be a part of Trinity,” she says of the group which has been playing reggae, jazz with a Pacifica flavour for 12 years.

Hunuki-Hemopo has played with Fly My Pretties, The Firefly Orchestra, Breaks Co-op and Fat Freddy’s Drop, while the other member of the trio, lead vocalist Warren Maxwell, has played with Fat Freddy’s Drop and also fronts Little Bushman.

A born and bred Northlander, Jean says her father is the main inspiration for getting into music.

“My father used to take us to gigs as well as get all of us up at family events to sing along.”

Wellington is a hub for musicians, a lot of bands play together and that is how they get to know each other.

“Networking is key to being a successful musician,” she says.

“You have to be prepared to do the 1am gigs that finish at 5am. This is how you network, by making yourself available to gigs at any time or place.”

Jean has her own musical ethos.

“One love, love thy neighbour, my music is not negative or heavy in any way.”

Pompey’s goal is to travel the world spreading the sound of New Zealand.

“New Zealand music is in a good place. Our musicians like the Flight of the Concords for example are getting our name out there and people are appreciating us more,” she says.

“My dream would be to play in Berlin, that would be pretty cool,” she says.

Her recent move to Auckland means Jean can develop her own sound while still playing for Trinity Roots.

“We are currently in the studio,” says Pompey.

Jean declined to comment further about the project they are working on.

Jean and Trinity Roots play regular gigs at Bar Bodega in Wellington.


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