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Newswire brings light to frustrated Lyall Bay

Jul 26th, 2012 | By | Category: Latest News, News

BACK ON: Gemma Toothill is relieved street lights are back on as she walks home from work.

NEWSWIRE has flicked a switch in Lyall Bay which residents could not.

Two blocks of street lights along Lyall Bay Parade had been out for about four weeks, despite multiple complaints.

One local woman was scared after a man followed her home in the dark, while others felt frustrated after complaining to the council and getting no results.

When Newswire rang the council on Tuesday for comment, however, the lights were back on within hours.

Richard MacLean, spokesman for Wellington City Council, told Newswire it could take credit for the result, because the call had prompted someone to fix the problem.

A comment on the council’s twitter account on July 17 said it had been three weeks since the lights went out.

Local business owner Matt Wilson phoned last Saturday to ask why the lights were still not working, and was told they were trying to find the fault.

“They said they had had a lot of complaints about it,” says Mr Wilson, from Maranui Cafe.

One resident, who also works in the area, was forced to contact police after a man followed her along the unlit street last week.

“He took a photo of me and then followed me home,” says Rose Ellis, who felt safety was a real concern while the lights were off.

“If the street was lit up he wouldn’t have even been there.”

Another resident, who walks along Lyall Bay Parade to work at 6am, is relieved the street lights are back on.

“I noticed ages ago the lights were out,” says Gemma Toothill, who works at Maranui café.

“I was extremely careful walking to work. I felt unsafe down there it was so dark.”

A similar situation affected nearby Kilbirnie in 2008, where broken street lights were blamed for a spate of vandalism after they were left broken for over a month.

Only after a local newspaper contacted the council and UnitedNetwork, did the lights come back on, five weeks after they were reported broken.

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