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Wednesday, 27 March 2019 12:05 am

Smoke-free quay not an issue on the street

Jul 23rd, 2012 | By | Category: Front Page Layout, Latest News, News


PEOPLE on the street appear indifferent to smokers on Lambton Quay, and Wellington city councillors  are not bothered either.

A bid to ban smoking in Lambton Quay was defeated earlier this month.

Both smokers and non-smokers spoken to by Newswire in Lambton Quay did not mind if the ban was accepted or not, because they thought the number of smokers using the streets was minimal.

This was backed up by a count of smokers during a 40 minute walk down the Golden Mile, which that showed only 21 people were smoking down the popular stretch.

Non-smoker John Nicholson was typical of the general comments: “I think there are so few people walking along and smoking that it won’t be an issue.”

Non-smoker Ben Pollet (19), pictured right, says it is the smoker’s choice. “I don’t mind it. But other people might.”

Smoker Jessica Sams (25) says smoking around shopping areas is banned in her native Australia, but she disagrees with the idea. “I don’t think they should ban it in public areas, people will always smoke.”

Smoker Chris Rawnsly (61), pictured left, thinks it is fine the way it is. “I don’t think it is a necessary move, I think it’s easier to move out of the way of the smokers.”

Non-smoker Jack Laurenson (16) is not worried by it. “It won’t affect me, so I don’t mind.”

Non-smoker Chris Pedrezuela thinks the population of smokers is so small that it does not matter.

“I don’t think it is that much of an issue, not that many people smoke here, they just come and go.”

City Councillor Stephanie showed intentions to extend the current ban on Wellington’s sport parks, playgrounds and skate parks to include Lambton Quay.

Councillor Cooke’s amendment was proposed at a Strategy and Policy meeting but was defeated, says council media adviser Grahame Armstrong.

Any plans to extend the current ban to other areas was also rejected, says Mr Armstrong.

“…Councillors voted to not extend the ban to other areas, therefore the Council is not doing any more work on the issue for now.”

Rising concerns about secondary smoke emerged from a study in Lower Hutt by Otago University health researchers over five weeks, and reported in The Dominion Post last month.

Researchers found the air around 284 smokers had 70% more fine particles when standing at a distance of 2.6 metres, the Dominion Post reported.



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