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Friday, 22 March 2019 08:16 pm

Busy day on digital news and social media for marriage bill followers

Aug 29th, 2012 | By | Category: Featured Article

2:49pm: Giovanni Tiso @gtiso Great turnout, great speeches at #marriageequality rally. A good day for New Zealand. Well done Louisa Wall and the other campaigners.

2:40pm: Kezia Bennett has put this story up on newswire, which explains what an Island Bay Presbyterian minister thinks of gay marriage.

2:34pm: has updated their article on today’s marriage equality march.

2:32pm tweet: @CorinDann: Outside Parliament a few moments ago (left) 

2.31pm tweet: Scoop News ‏@ScoopNZ I uploaded a @YouTube video MP Kevin Hague Speaking at Marriage Equality Rally – 29 Aug

2.23pm tweet: Scoop News ‏@ScoopNZ I uploaded a @YouTube video Tau Henare MP – Speaking at Marriage Equality Rally – 29 Aug

2:20pm tweet: aimee whitcroft @teh_aimee heh. someone in the #marriageequality rally has a ‘marry ALL the things!’ sign 🙂 (left)

2:13pm tweet: Hamish Keith @Hamish_keith Bob McCroskie wants us to draw a line in the sand on Marriage Equality – we can – right next to where his head is buried

2:01pm tweet: Funloving anti-#marriageequality protestors, off to play golf it seems. (right) 

1:56pm: The #marriageequality hashtag tweets on twitter are currently overwhelmingly positive.

1:52pm: Nicole Baxter, newswire journalist, has posted this article about Porirua’s debates on the marriage amendment bill. The article currently leads on

1.40pm tweet: 3 News Headlines ‏@3NewsNZ Gay marriage supporters rally ahead of bill’s first reading

1:36pm: #EmpowerNZ and #MarriageEquality are the top two New Zealand twitter trends.

1:24pm: The New Zealand Herald website has put up an 8-photo slideshow of today’s marriage equality march.

1.23pm tweet: Holly Walker ‏@hollyrwalker Presbyterian Ministers (and partners of 16 years) Margaret and Claire from St Andrew’s on the Terrace standing up for marriage equality.

1.17pm tweet: Rally at parliament #MarriageEqualityMarch (above)

1:14pm: The New Zealand Herald website has added an article about the marriage equality march.

1.14pm tweet:  NewsWire ‏@newswirenzHone Harewira says he supports the bill #MarriageEqualityMarch

1.08pm tweet: S ‏@homecomeexpat More of the #marriageequality rally (above)

1.07pm tweet: S ‏@homecomeexpat At the #marriageequality rally at Parliament (left)

1:11pm: GayNZ posted this quote from Auckland’s pro-equality St-Matthew-in-the-City which says: “Auckland’s pro-equality St-Matthew-in-the-City is getting ready to erect a new billboard in support of Louisa Wall’s Bill, which shows the top of a wedding cake with two women in bridal gowns and states “We don’t care who’s on top.”

1:05pm: is also doing live updates from the rally.

12.58pm tweet: Philip Lyth ‏@philiplyth Watch #marriageequality debate ~7.30pm onwards, Freeview 22 Sky 94 TelstraClear 94. Internet feed at Also AM radio.

12:57pm: has encouraged people to make signs such as the one on the right for today’s rally – later on we’ll
show you what people came up with.

12:54pm: So far, no coverage from The New Zealand Herald.

12.49pm tweet from newswire: #MarriageEqualityMarch almost at parliament

12:41pm: The Dominion Post website updates their initial estimate of the number attending the marriage equality rally. They now estimate 1000 people are in attendance.

12.41pm tweet: Philip Lyth ‏@philiplyth Best tell @DomPost that RT @danylmc: I don’t know how you estimate crowd sizes, but the #marriageequality crowd is pretty damn big.

12:23pm: The Dominion Post puts the article ‘Same sex marriage rally gathers’ on their website. They estimate 500 people are currently at the rally.

12:28pm: The NZ Herald story ‘Bruce Logan: Same-sex marriage threatens civil liberty’ has attracted 80 comments so far, featuring voices from both sides of debate.

12:20pm: The number of likes the ‘Can these otters holding hands get more like than Protect Marriage NZ’ facebook page is steadily rising. At present it has 5215 likes.

12:19pm: NewsWire ‏@newswirenz The speakers at the rally have started #MarriageEqualityMarch (Above)
12:19pm: Andrew Burns Tweets Marriage Equality Rally is beginning at Civic Square. About 1000 people here!

12:01pm: The New Zealand Herald has an interactive tool on their website, which explains how MP’s plan to vote today. The results are as follows: Voting/Leaning Yes: 66 MPs. Voting/Leaning No: 25 MPs. Undecided: 26 MPs. Abstain/Did not reply: 4 MPs.

11.57am Newswire tweets: Newswire team are covering the rally for marriage amendment bill – crowd starting to form in civic square – about 200 people so far

11:52am: The marriage equality website, which was previously the Family First website, now implores people to go here and tell their MP’s what they think.

11.51am tweet: Metiria Turei ‏@metiria At the #empowernz conf. Once you get a panel of mps together you get an argument. We can be so tragic! But looking forward to the discussion.

10:43am: There is a poll on the NZ Herald website entitled: Legalising gay marriage – is New Zealand ready? The results are as follows:
Yes, we’ve had a trial run with civil unions – now time for full marriage equality (38%)
Nearly, most people are probably board (4%)
I think most Kiwis don’t really care because it doesn’t affect them (21%)
No, we’re not ready, it’s a step too far (11%)
Definitely not ready and never will be (26%)
At the bottom of the results page, a link leads people to the More MP’s opposing gay marriage link.

10.28am tweet: Mike Dickison ‏@adzebill Worried he is still not universally viewed as an ogre, Gerry Brownlee announces his opposition to marriage equality, Christmas, and puppies.

10.26am tweet: Paul Comrie-Thomson ‏@pcomriet A Republican Convention in Florida, and a convention in NZ that may enlighten the path towards a republic. Twitter’s going crazy#empowernz

10.24am: #EmpowerNZ also trending on twitter, accompanying tweets about the marriage vote.

10.03am tweet: Owen Williams @findingnewo Family First loses control of its website, gets redirected to Marriage Equality. New Family First Website:

10:23am: On the NZ Herald website, two articles dealing with the marriage amendment bill are featured on the front page: More MP’s opposing gay marriage  and Bruce Logan: Same-sex marriage threatens civil liberty . There is no article on the front page that directs readers to the rally.

On, the article ‘Selling assets, liberalising marriage, regulating drinking’ is featured near the top of the page.
A press release Youth urge MP’s to vote for marriage equality is also featured near the top of the page.  The story details how the Young Nationals, Young Labour, Young Greens, Mana Rangatahi and Act on Campus have banded together to lobby their MP’s in favour of the marriage amendment bill. Young Nats President Sean Topham says “Our generation overwhelmingly supports marriage equality and the Young Nats have been lobbying our MPs to support this Bill from day one. We believe in freedom and equal opportunity for all Kiwis and our generation clearly agrees.” This article is also an editor’s pick on the site.

10:01am: A Facebook page, can these otters holding hands get more fans than Protect Marriage NZ?
5,172 likes, 2,753 talking about this.

Protect Marriage NZ: 3771 likes, 1526 talking about this.

On Protect Marriage NZ, 12 people have liked the article ‘More MP’s opposing gay marriage’.

On the LegaliseLove facebook page, 19 people have liked a post about today’s rally.

On the LegaliseLove page, many people from around the country are asking if similar rallies will be held in their area. They are told that a nationwide rally may be held when the second reading of the bill is taking place.

10am tweet: Mark Tantrum @MarkTantrum #empowernz I’m seeing history in the making- a constitution for NZ being drafted

9.51am: Stuff Poll on the Dominion Post page: Do you support same-sex marriage in New Zealand? Yes: 127 votes, 52.7%, No: 108 votes, 44.8%, No Opinion: 6 votes, 2.5%. Total of 241 votes.

9:45am: TVNZ has loaded an interview with Family First’s Bob McCoskrie.

9.39am: The marriage equality vote is already trending on twitter.

9:35am: Facebook Group Straights for marriage equality in Aotearoa NZ urges people to attend the marriage equality rally.

August 28: National Business Review reports the Family First Website expires and is taken over by a pro-bill group (above).

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