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Paraparaumu businesses condemn drunk teens

Aug 21st, 2012 | By | Category: Latest News, News

TROUBLE SPOT: Kapiti Lights car park where teens gather to drink

BUSINESSES in Paraparaumu are claiming drunk teenagers cause them problems by congregating in Kapiti Lights car park outside two local bars in the early hours.

The claims follow two major incidents within the last month in the car park.

Earlier this month 17 year old Izak Millanta died after being attacked in the area, and on a separate occasion a party in nearby Rimu Rd turned into an altercation between police and party goers at the Kapiti Lights shops.

Retro Bar manager David Aitken says he saw a fight outside the neighbouring Cock Bar and helped to break it up.

“The kids had been drinking in the car park outside,” he said, “and a group of about four or five chased a young guy down the alley way.”

The front window of Kapiti Mags was also damaged about four months ago. Owner Bill Cottle says a security camera mounted at the back of the shop caught a group of youngsters causing the damage.

“The kids have got nowhere else to go,” he says.

Real estate company The Professionals is right next to the access alley to Coastlands shopping mall and has an on-going problem with people urinating in the shop doorway (below).

Paraparaumu ward councillor K. “Guru” Gurunathan suggested in the Kapiti Independent on 14 August that the Retro Bar voluntarily reduce its hours of opening.

“Many already feel it’s not acceptable to have a bar open so late,” he says.

However, Mr Aitken believes it is safer to have people in one place where there is good security rather than just hanging around outside waiting for taxis or drinking in the car park.

“That many people can’t all get taxis at once,” he says, “and that can cause aggression.  I have had people wait for one to one and a half hours.’

Kapiti Cakes and Bakery manager Thomas Thomas agrees that earlier closing will not solve the problem of youngsters drinking in the car park.

“There is too much of a binge drinking culture in this country,” he says. “Kids don’t learn to drink at home with their parents.”

There used to be no drinking in the car park, but things have got worse in the last three or four years, says owner Eddie Winkel who has been operating in the area for ten years.

“If it [the Retro bar] closes earlier they’ll have less hours to get drunk, but where can they go?” he says.

MALL ALLEYWAY: where shopkeeps say teenagers are urinating in doorways


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