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Thursday, 25 April 2019 05:47 am

Quake issues not helping dribbling fountain’s doubtful future

Oct 25th, 2012 | By | Category: Latest News, News

THE DOWSE Square has been prettied up, but the old fountain across the road is still dribbling forlornly, and now may be an earthquake risk.

Recently announced earthquake strengthening of the council buildings has taken priority.

Park Asset manager Aaron Marsh says the quake strengthening is also likely to be in plan for the fountain.

“The entire council building area is going to be strengthened, so that will most probably include the fountain.”

Mr Marsh says there is now no real time frame on making the decision on the issue that split councillors in May on whether to axe the fountain or renovate it at a cost of $125,000.

“We really want to first see how the new water feature in the Civic Square plays out.”

“The old fountain is still there, it’s still operating, and we’re still maintaining it,” says Mr Marsh.

Council communications advisor Peter Riordan said in May the fountain was thought to be leaking, and would cost up to $125,000 to repair.

When asked if they preferred the new fountain over the old, citizens of Lower Hutt had mixed opinions, with several people saying they haven’t even seen the new one.

Josh Pickett, 18, thought the old fountain should be kept.

“They should just spend the money and keep it there.”

Tom Richardson, 19, said he did not realise either of the fountains existed.

“That’s news to me. I guess more people would see the one by the Dowse.”

Mike Bennett, 32, said the council should preserve the history of the town.

“They had a big fountain in the octagon in Dunedin, which they demolished. It really took away the vibrancy of the place,” he said.

“I can understand that they’re putting it off, it’s not a good idea to start hocking off your history like that.”

Kath, a long-time resident of Lower Hutt, said the new water feature looked awful.

“Is that it? It doesn’t even look like one,” she said. “I call it water with plants. I like that old one.”

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