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Saturday, 27 April 2019 12:12 am

Satirical storm tips supposedly from Romney go viral on Twitter

Oct 31st, 2012 | By | Category: Front Page Layout, Latest News, Most Popular, News

MITT ROMNEY critics have used twitter during superstorm Sandy, creating the viral hashtag #mittstormtips.

The hashtag gives satirical storm advice, as if it were coming from Romney.

It started with a parody account, Mitt’s Storm Tips, which had 40,000 followers until it was removed, and has now been replaced by @MittStormTips, which has 11,000 followers.

The account @republicanadvice also joined up to share some storm tips, including:

30 Oct- 127:35 AM: Just received confirmation my bankers in both the Cayman Islands and Bermuda are safe and secure #Sandy (1,059 Retweets)

30 Oct- 1210:23 AM: Fun Fact Women – Ironing boards make great flood flotation devices #Sandy (364 Retweets.)

30 Oct -5:39 AM: Some 47%er is outside fixing the power lines. Hope it’s not a union member. I want power but not Soviet Power #Sandy (748 Retweets.)

After the Mitt’s Storm Tips account was removed, the hashtag was created and people are continuing to tweet jokes about Romney, including:

29 Oct 12-9:33 PM :Barracks O’Bama‏@P0TUS : #MittStormTips: In case of flooding, raise your car elevator to at least the 5th or 6th floor of your mansion. #Sandy (517 Retweets)

30 Oct- 11:13 AM : Azra ‏@MsAdja23h: #MittStormTips #RomneyStormTips My thoughts and prayers go out to 53% of you. (458 Retweets.)

30 Oct 126:19 AM: Nell Scovell‏@NellSco– When a hurricane threatens your east coast waterfront property, move to your west coast waterfront property. #MittStormTips #Sandy (46 Retweets.)

 30 Oct- 6:15 AM: Nina Bargiel‏@slackmistress: Just buy a bigger yacht. If you don’t have the money for a bigger yacht, ask your parents! #MittStormTips #Sandy (27 Retweets.)

29 Oct – 2:00 PM: Sarah Burris‏@SarahBurris I have binders full of evacuation plans #MittStormTips #Sandy (87 Retweets.)

30 Oct- 1:57 PM : Ari Berman‏@AriBerman2: RT @MittStormTips: Instead of evacuation, self-deportation! #mittstormtips #sandy 48 Retweets.

 30 Oct- 10:37 AM :Shoq Value‏@Shoq #RomneyStormTips Don’t forget, your golf cart battery can be used to charge your phone in an emergency. 198 Retweets.

 29 Oct – 4:24 PM: Dawn Gulick‏@DawnGulick Remember to send your women employees home early to cook all the perishables before the power goes out. #MittsStormTips 29 Retweets.

29 Oct- 4:17 PM: Romney Accountant ‏@RomneyAccountan I’ve been told that if it’s not a legitimate storm, Mother Nature will shut that whole thing down. #Sandy #MittsStormTips 117 Retweets.

NOTE: According to Wikipedia, Hashtags are mostly used as unmoderated ad-hoc discussion forums; any combination of characters led by a hash sign is a hashtag, and any hashtag, if promoted by enough individuals, can “trend” and attract more individual users to discussion using the hashtag.

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