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Superstorm Sandy and elections bomb as hot Twitter topics

Oct 31st, 2012 | By | Category: Front Page Layout, Latest News, Most Popular, News

SUPERSTORM sandy is no longer the hot topic on Americans’ Twitter pages, but voters are tweeting about its effect on the election.

Most popular tweets question whether the storm will affect or cancel the election.

Top tweets on Presidential contender Mitt Romney are about his plan to stop funding to the FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency).

5:09 AM – 31 Oct 12: Slate‏@Slate Reminder: Mitt Romney said it was “immoral” for federal government to spend money on disaster relief: #Sandy


 9:19 AM – 31 Oct 12: Ari Berman‏@AriBerman Flashback: Romney mocked Obama at RNC for having “promised to begin to slow the rise of the oceans” #sandy


The President has tweeted about Sandy.

6:29 AM – 30 Oct 12: Barack ObamaVerified‏@BarackObama30 Oct President Obama on Hurricane Sandy: “The great thing about America is that during tough times like this, we pull together.”


Tweets about Obama feature Michael Brown (director of FEMA during hurricane Katrina) who has criticised him for responding too quickly to Sandy.

7:27 AM – 31 Oct 12:‏@Salon Unbelievable: Bush’s Katrina-era FEMA director blasts Obama for responding to #Sandy… too quickly!


12:53 PM – 31 Oct 12: The Daily Edge‏@TheDailyEdge Bush-era FEMA Chairman Michael Brown accuses Obama of being “way too competent” in response to #Sandy


There are also tweets about Chris Christie, the opposition Republican who has praised Obama’s leadership during the storm.

 8:47 AM – 31 Oct 12: Slate‏@Slate Chris Christie can’t stop praising Obama for his hurricane #Sandy efforts:

2:45 PM – 31 Oct 12 :Jamil Smith‏@JamilSmith1m Why @GovChristie’s praise of President Obama matters, per @richardwolffedc: #Sandy

2:32 PM – 31 Oct 12 : Jeff Stender‏@jwstender22m Pretty incredible “@DCdebbie: NJ Gov Chris Christie praises Obama, doesn’t ‘give a damn’ about Romney photo op. #sandy …”

2:55 PM – 31 Oct 12: kathy osowiecki‏@osowiecki @osowiecki Christie’s not afraid to praise Pres Obama for a job well done so far in terms of storm response. Political lines can cross. Kathy Mazzocco‏@kjmluvskids1m @osowiecki i am loving that right now Christie and Obama are for people, Americans, and not politics. #thewayitshouldbe#sandy

Some tweets have drawn comparison with how Obama dealt with Benghazi and his reaction to Sandy.

3:06 PM – 28 Oct 12: SalenaZito‏@SalenaZitoTrib White House says after Obama Youngstown event he’ll return 2 monitor #Sandy Woman beside me says “he monitors weather not #Benghazi attack?”


There is also some commentary about how it will affect the election race.

 6:28 AM – 31 Oct 12: Mike Smithson‏@MSmithsonPB Political gamblers on Intrade seem to think Obama’s doing better in the Sandy aftermath than Romnrey. See chart. 10:50 AM – 31 Oct 12 Frank Rich‏@frankrichny Couldn’t Romney have found a non-swing state to do a photo op for #Sandy relief? Transparently tacky even by his standards


2:43 PM – 31 Oct 12: The Daily Edge‏@TheDailyEdge #Sandy’s devastation has created both a demonstration of Obama’s intelligent leadership and a metaphor for what Romney would do to America


Then there are fake accounts joining in, including:

11:41 PM – 30 Oct 12: Prince Charles‏@Charles_HRH President Obama on the phone. #Sandy has been downgraded from a hurricane to a summer in Scotland.

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